New NCPARC Website!

We are pleased to announce the release of a newly designed website for NCPARC!  Designed with the user in mind, the new site is easier to navigate and is mobile friendly.  Many thanks to Christian Burge at JetLinked (and Kim Burge too!) for making the site come to fruition.

There are several new sections under the "Resources" tab.  Check out new sections such as "Keeping Herps in NC" which details rules and regulations pertinent to our state, or "Herp Identification" which is a compilation of resources for help with identification.  And much more...

The new site also has LOTS of pictures, so not only is it functional, but looks good too!

Check it out today!

More Details on Advanced Amphibian Techniques Course

The North Carolina Zoo will be hosting the 2018 Amphibian Taxon Advisory Group (ATAG) Advanced Training Course, focusing on Amphibian Field Research Techniques. The course will take place from 29 April 2018 – 4 May 2018 at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC – with field trips to other locations in North Carolina.

Course Description

This hands-on learning experience taught by experts focuses on numerous aspects of amphibian field research techniques. Participants will be in the field every day of the course, learning how to design their own field project, identifying amphibians, installing/checking traps, participating in disease and eDNA sampling.  Course will include field trips to many wetlands to sample for a variety of amphibians from Spotted Salamanders to Dwarf Waterdogs and hopefully Pine Barrens Treefrogs.

For a flyer on the event, click here.

For more details from the course website, click here.


Herp News from The Wildlife Society

Meant to protect tortoises, roadside fencing could endanger some
Highways cutting through threatened Mojave Desert tortoise habitats puts the reptile at risk of being struck by vehicles, but roadside fencing built to keep it safe can also negatively impact its survival.

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