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An appropriate linker maintains ADCs' stability and helps the antibody selectively deliver the cytotoxic drug to tumor cells and accurately releases the cytotoxic drug at tumor sites.  PEG derivatives are one kind of the most widely used linkers in targeted therapy with many features, such as high-usage rate, targeting, regulating PH value, etc.
Biopharma PEG offers a variety of PEG linkers to facilitate antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development projects. All PEG linkers are of >95% purity and they are the basic building blocks for a successful ADC.
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PEG Linkers Used in Approved ADCs

Two of the approved ADCs were developed with the following monodispersed PEG moiety as part of their linker technology to improve solubility and stability in vivo. 
2-((Azido-PEG8-carbamoyl)methoxy)acetic acid
CAS No.: 846549-37-9
CAS No.: 1334177-86-4
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More PEG Linkers for ADCs

NH2-PEG24-COOH | CAS No.: 196936-04-6    View More>>
N3-PEG3-SPA  | CAS NO.: 1245718-89-1    View More>>
mPEG36-NH2 | CAS NO.: 32130-27-1    View More>>
OH-PEG8-OH | CAS NO.: 5117-19-1    View More>>
Fmoc-NH-PEG12-COOH  | CAS NO.: 1952360-91-6    View More>>
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