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Do you know monodisperse PEG?
Monodispersed PEGs are pure compounds with precise PEG units and single molecular weight. They have been become very beneficial in drug design and development, specifically in the antibody-drug conjugates and small molecule drugs


Why Monodispersed PEGs Can Help?

  • Improved pharmacokinetics: Enhanced solubility; improved stability.
  • Increased circulation time: Decreased amount of drug required; decreased dosing frequency; reduced renal clearance increases circulation time.
  • Decreased toxicity: Improved safety profile; reduced immunogenicity; reduced antigenicity; reduced proteolysis.
Biopharma PEG offers a variety of monodisperse PEG linkers, such as Azide, Amine, Alkyne, DBCO, NHS ester, which can meet all your needs from scientific research to commercial applications. 
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Featured Monodisperse PEGs

2-((Azido-PEG8-carbamoyl)methoxy)acetic acid
CAS No.: 846549-37-9
CAS No.: 557756-85-1

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CAS No.: 86770-67-4
CAS No.: 32130-27-1
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CAS No.: 6338-55-2
CAS No.: 5117-19-1
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