Project Unify and Inclusive Schools Network partner to enhance your Inclusive Schools Week Celebration!
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Movies that Move

Film Clips Promoting Inclusion & Critical Thinking
Created in a partnership between Special Olympics Project Unify and Film Clips for Character Education, this collection of popular media clips is an effective way to spark meaningful discussions with students about the importance of inclusion. The clips are categorized into four themes: Different Abilities, the Power of Words, Acceptance, and Youth Leadership. “Movies that Move” provides an opportunity for all students, regardless of ability or background, to discuss inclusion, acceptance, and change for their school community. We can't think of a better way to celebrate Inclusive Schools Week! DVDs with the movie clips are available on the website A convenient streaming option may be used during your celebration next week on their website It does take a little time for the clips to load, so plan ahead!

This Leader's Guide includes activities to introduce the media clips and foster rich class discussions.  Each activity is designed to educate, motivate and activate students. Several types of questions including discussion, small group and making choices are provided for each film clip.
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