2012 Inclusive Schools Week Theme

Social Inclusion: More Than a Seat in the Class!
Inclusive Schools Network

Enjoy these featured activities designed to celebrate Inclusive Schools Week! Each lesson highlights a product that can be purchased for your students in our ISN Shop

Develop a class motto or mission statement that highlights the inclusive nature of the classroom. Create a poster featuring your motto. Ask students to sign the poster with the Inclusive Schools Network pencil to show their support of inclusive education.

Decorate your classroom with Inclusive Schools Week posters. Brainstorm with your class characteristics of inclusive schools and add these terms to your classroom word wall.

Create art projects, such as “I am special” or “Great things happen in inclusive schools” buttons that the students can wear during the Week. Give each student an Inclusive Schools Week sticker to inspire their artwork.

Establish a “Five Minute for Friendship” ritual each day. Have students pair up with classmates on a rotating basis. Provide a topic for the pair to discuss for five minutes. Ask a few pairs to share their conversation with the class. Teachers may visit the websites on the ISW bookmark to generate topic ideas.

Ask students to create ISW cards and artwork about why they like being part of an inclusive school. Create a slideshow of their designs showing your school’s commitment to inclusion and post it to your school website for everyone!

Have students keep journals to regularly record their contributions to an inclusive school environment. Provide each student with a binder sticker to decorate their journal.

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