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  1. TDPs Shining Bright at the Brick Works
  2. Low Impact Design at Kortright Centre
  3. Ridge Recycling Invests in the Products of Tomorrow
  4. OARA and Friends Give Back by Taking Back
  5. On the Road Again with the TLC Team


Last month, OTS’ 2nd full-year Annual Report was released. The report upholds our commitment to transparency and tells a tale of leadership, innovation and transformation.

Diversion rates continued to be strong with rates of 96% for Passenger/Light Truck Tires, 93% for Medium Truck Tires and 75% for Off-Road Tires.

In 2011, our industry also turned a critical corner with the opening of major new Processors, transitioning from a market where scrap tire supply exceeded processing capacity to one where capacity exceeds supply. This market shift marked a milestone for the program, and the delivery of a key objective for OTS. 

As On-Road tire processing capacity expanded, there was a notable decrease in the number of deliveries that were sent to out of province destinations. At the same time, the quantities of higher-value TDP production increased. Growth in manufacturing activity came equally from capacity increases at existing RPMs and the opening of new facilities by new market entrants.

2011 also saw the maturation of many of the program elements introduced by OTS late in the previous year. The Manufacturing Incentive program, launched on a pilot basis in 2010, was fully developed and deployed, driving an expansion of manufacturing activity in the province. OTS also enhanced its Market Development and Research & Development programs in 2011 to help foster new opportunities for RPMs.

All of this demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement that will help drive the tire recycling industry forward and make sure it is prepared for any future challenges and opportunities.  It is the collective actions, effort and investment of OTS and our stakeholders that confirm Ontario's tire recycling industry is at the forefront of sustainable leadership.

 -  Andrew Horsman

TDPs Shining Bright at the Brick Works

 Design Challenge Site at the Brick Works - Before

Photo: The Brick Works site for the Design Challenge - Before Shot.
In the fall of 2011, Ontario Tire Stewardship tasked landscape architecture and design students in Ontario with a challenge: come up with innovative concepts for celebrating the natural setting on the site of Evergreen Brick Works while highlighting the contemporary attributes of tire-derived products. 
Participating student teams embraced the spirit and natural characteristics of the site in a unique way, but one entry made a lasting impression on the competition judges. The creative use of tire-derived products combined with a commitment to the site’s natural features helped Gloria Perez and Jessica Gafic of Humber College take home top prize. This summer, they will get to see their design become a reality on the site of Evergreen Brick Works.

Entitled “At the River Bank”, Perez and Gafic’s winning design mimics the curves and colours of Mud River, a tributary of the Don River running beneath the site. Elise Shelley , a Competition Steering Committee Member and Landscape Architect, who has played a key role helping to translate the winning concept into a technically feasible site build, praises the winning design for its “blend of recycled and natural products to emulate features that define the space, while making the site more functional and people friendly.”

The site build, which is set to break ground in July and be completed by the end of summer, will prominently feature three TDPs. The rock-inspired seating and play elements, referred to as “pods,” will be coated in a poured rubber product supplied by Shercom Industries. The rubber will be a vibrant shade of green, taking a cue from moss and algae covering river rocks. SofSurfaces recycled rubber tiles are also prominently featured on the site in two lively shades of river-inspired blue. The tiles will create a winding pathway for patrons of the Evergreen Farmers Market and day visitors.

Finally, the site will showcase Heffco  recycled rubber mulch around planting beds and new landscaped areas. The mulch, like many of the design features, emphasizes the theme of “blending old and new” and celebrates the elegant union of natural and reclaimed materials to create memorable user experiences.

Zero to Sixty

July 2012
July 31, 2012: Closing date for Stewards to submit June 2012 TSF Remittance Reports and payment.
July 31, 2012: Closing date for Haulers to submit Claims for the May 2012 period.
July 31, 2012: Closing date for Processors to submit Claims for the May 2012 period.
July 31, 2012: Closing date for RPMs to submit Claims for the May 2012 period.

August 2012
August 31, 2012: Closing date for Stewards to submit July 2012 TSF Remittance Reports and payment.
August 31, 2012: Closing date for Haulers to submit Claims for the June 2012 period.
August 31, 2012: Closing date for Processors to submit Claims for the June 2012 period.
August 31, 2012: Closing date for RPMs to submit Claims for the June 2012 period.

TDPs Testing the Waters of Low Impact Design at the Kortright Centre

Kortright Parking Lot Aerial

Photo: Aerial View Of Kortright Parking Lot

As trends towards low impact development (LID) and design strategies that improve environmental management of site water continue to grow within the green building industry, the demand for permeable and durable building materials is opening a window of opportunity for tire-derived products.

The Kortright Centre, a demonstration site for environmental and renewable energy education and conservation, has partnered with Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment to test a variety of LID strategies on-site, as part of a parking lot resurfacing project. The project, which is set to break ground in September, will test two tire-derived products.

Kortright chose an interlocking grid solution from VAST and a product from Eco-Flex to meet the challenges of their site. These products will be evaluated for their ability to withstand seasonal changes and heavy traffic and compression, in addition to managing stormwater.

Jean-Pierre Charron, a representative at VAST, believes that the parking lot pilot points to an expanding market for tire-derived products. With positive properties such as flexibility, durability, affordability and aesthetic appeal, TDPs are a welcome option for designers seeking innovative solutions for stormwater management.
Glen MacMillian, Senior Manager of the Water & Energy Watershed Management Division at TRCA, suggests that recycled rubber manufacturers are well-positioned to capture a growing segment within the green
building market. This observation sits well with Scott Mydan, Business Development Manager at Eco-Flex, who explains, “with more companies adopting products made with recycled materials, the deeper we are getting into the mainstream.”

Educational and demonstration programs such as those being led by the Kortright Centre are an important part of bringing TDPs into the mainstream. Positive results from the Kortright pilot would certainly support more widespread adoption of TDPs and show how today’s recycled tire products can help meet high expectations for low impact development.

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Ridge Recycling Invests in Products of Tomorrow

When Chatham-based Processor, Ridge Recycling, opened its doors in 2005, the afterlife of vehicle tires in Ontario looked a lot different than it does today. As Operations Manager, Kirt Klym, recalls, “in those days, most salvaged tires would be shipped to the U.S. and turned into tire-derived fuel.” According to Kirt, Ontario’s Used Tires Program has prompted companies to change their processes and products to respond to changing customer demands.

Stephen Gluchowski, Director of Operations at Ontario Tire Stewardship, describes how better visibility and access to companies within the province’s tire recycling sector is allowing for more direct relationships between customers and suppliers. Kirt echoes this view, explaining, “we decide what facility investments to make by talking to our customers and understanding what their long-term needs are.”

At Ridge, this has led to significant investments in a new line capable of delivering ever-finer grades of crumb rubber and powder required for manufacturing new products with recycled rubber content. In Ontario, these fine grades (referred to in the industry as “TDP 1”) make their way into a wide range of innovative products such as indoor and outdoor surface tiles, floor underlayment and even roofing shingles.

Kirt is also quick to point out that, in an industry where price is still king, manufacturing products that offer added benefits to customers is important for staying competitive. For instance, the granulation press technology Ridge Recycling has sourced from Germany produces crumb rubber with more jagged edges, which means that less polymer binders are required to form end products. The process also reliably separates high quality and high purity steel from scrap tires – giving another valuable reclaimed material a new lease on life.

With ample real estate available to house new crumb lines on-site, Kirt estimates that by the start of 2013, Ridge Recycling will be able to double its existing capacity.

June is Seniors' Month

Ontario Registered Recycled Product Manufacturers are recognizing the needs of senior citizens by producing products that are shock absorbent, flexible, durable, non-toxic, re-usable and ultimately easier on the body.

SofSURFACES products, for example, excel in projects for seniors where it is desirable to reduce the potential for hip fractures. In fact, a study by Simon Fraser University found that, of 5 the flooring options studied, SofSURFACES SofTILE provided the best impact attenuation during fall situations, while also being firm enough to lower the likelihood of a fall, by reducing participants’ sway and thus improving their balance.

OTS Launches the First in a Series of Sustainability Video Case Studies

As part of Ontario Tire Stewardship's (OTS) continued efforts to support the province-wide Used Tires Program, and educate Ontarians on the benefits and uses of eco-friendly tire derived products, OTS has developed a series of industry case studies.

This first in the series highlights the application of NRT's Pro-Fit athletic flooring in the nationally renowned Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technology and validates the environmental, economic and social value of recycling tires and the benefits of producing and using tire derived products.


OARA and Friends Give Back by Taking Back

Hon. Minister Bradley at OARA Event

Photo: Hon. Minister Bradley talks TDPs

From May 28 to June 2, 2012, the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) proudly held the third annual OARA Tire Take Back Event. Ontario residents dropped off thousands of used tires at over 75 locations across the province, raising money for the Sunshine Foundation of Canada. 

Participating in the event was Ontario Minister of Environment, Jim Bradley, who presented Caughill Auto Wreckers with a plaque commemorating their 65th anniversary. Caughill was buzzing with excitement and drew lots of participation in their community barbeque. The Minister also paid a visit to Rectangle Auto Supply in St. Catharines and spoke with residents about the importance of responsible tire disposal and the many ways recycled tire rubber positively impacts our lives.

New for this year was the OTS Community Prize – a gift of up to $15,000 worth of tire-derived products from registered Recycled Product Manufacturers (RPMs). The OARA member that collected the most used tires from residents will have the opportunity to designate a local, non-profit community project to receive this in-kind gift. This great opportunity sparked some friendly competition and boosted participation to the benefit of all.

OTS would like to extend our thanks to all our valued partners, including OARA, Collectors, Haulers, residents and community leaders across the province, who consistently come together to support great community causes. Stay tuned for final collection, fundraising and prizewinner results, which will be announced in July.

On the Road Again with the 2012 TLC Team

TLC at Ontario PLace

The Tire Life Check Tour (TLC), which kicked off earlier this month, is an Ontario-wide public engagement campaign focused on educating car owners about the importance of proper tire maintenance and how the province’s Used Tires Program is closing the loop between scrap tire collection and new recycled tire products. As the TLC tour initiative enters its third year, you can expect to see some exciting changes to keep this staple OTS program fresh and engaging.

The TLC team will be making 40 stops in all corners of the province as part of a two-year rotation, with plans to spend more time engaging families, children and community members. Part of the buzz being generated will be around prize packages (such as a $500 gift card to Home Depot), free demonstrations and fun giveaways at community events that are sure to attract crowds. Expect to also see local Recycled Product Manufacturers featured prominently during tour stops. While on the road, the teams will also be active on social media, tweeting and blogging about their experiences in the community.

Watch out for upcoming TLC appearances at festivals and events such as Canada Day in Ottawa, the Elvis Festival in Collingwood and the Kapuskasing Lumberjack Festival. Be sure to track @greenmytires on Twitter and for insider information and updates on where the teams will be rolling to next. Keep your ears perked for TLC messages through local media and radio stations as well.

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