September 1, 2015
If you are interested in attending this meeting, please register using the link below.

This is to invite you to participate in the next OTS Technical Committee meeting on Tuesday September 15, 2015 from 9:00am - 11:00am.

The meeting agenda (subject to change) will include the following topics:

1) OTS Competition Act
2) Diversion Rates
3) Tire Collection Update
4) Tire Transportation and Delivery Update
5) Tire Processing & Manufacturing Update
6) Claims Updates 
7) Mobile Updates
8) Hauler/Processor Updates
9) Processor Information
10) Program Communications
11) Next Meeting Date
12)  Adjourn Meeting

To attend this meeting you must register using the link below.

There are two ways to attend:

1. In person: limited space is available for up to 20 people (first come, first serve). The meeting will be held at the OTS Office at 300 The East Mall, Suite 100, Toronto, ON.

2. Webinar: Upon registering, you will receive an email with the link and conference call number where you can join the meeting by webcast and phone.

To Register, follow this link:

The intent of this meeting is to discuss overall program plans and issues. If you have questions or comments specific to your organization, please contact us by email or call 1-888-687-2202.

Please follow the link below to view the Competition Act Compliance Guideline that OTS has developed to inform participants in our TC meetings and Consultations regarding their and our obligations under the Act as it relates to the discussions at these events. OTS will be requesting that all participants in these OTS-hosted events review the document, and that in-person attendees sign a sheet confirning they have read and understood the guidelines. This guideline is applicable to all registrants and will also be posted to the web. 

The Guideline is a reminder for all participants to take into consideration applicable laws, in particular the Competition Act, which is aimed at preventing anti-competitive practices or discussions at OTS-hosted events. Please review the documentation for your records.

We look forward to your participation.

The OTS Team

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