ISSUE 25 | JUNE 2013 Executive Director's MessageIt’s easy to get caught up in the activities of today to move the needle forward. But as we put the finishing touches on our freshly designed 2012 Annual Report, I had the chance to reflect on the evolution of the organization and key educational activities over the last year that have become solid foundations for future growth.  
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Industry News: Proposed Waste Reduction Act in OntarioThe Minister of the Environment, the Honourable Jim Bradley, recently announced a new waste reduction legislation, which outlines significant changes to the current waste diversion approach in Ontario. The proposed Waste Reduction Act and the accompanying Waste Reduction Strategy paper outline a future state where individual producers of products are responsible for arranging the diversion of the wastes resulting from their products.
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Inside Track
Q&A: Tire Stewardship FeesRead our answers to the following common questions:

Q: The PLT tire TSF rate has been reduced from $5.84 to $5.69. How will returns that take place after April 1, 2013 be handled?

Q: What goes under the “Negative Adjustment” column on the TSF form that is effective April 1, 2013?

Q: How will I know what my tires weigh in order to report my OTR tires by kg?
Dates and Deadlines
Stewards:June 30: remittance deadline for the May 1-31 period
July 31: remittance deadline for the June 1-30 period
August 31: remittance deadline for the July 1-31 period

Collectors: June 30: reporting deadline for the Jan 1-Mar 31 2013 period

Haulers, Processors, RPM’s: June 30: reporting deadline for the April 1-30 period
July 31: reporting deadline for the May 1-31 period
August 31: reporting deadline for the June 1-30 period

Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)
The OTS Report
Market Watch

Spring Survey: Ontarians are Hungry for Recycled Rubber Products  The results from the OTS Spring Survey show that Ontarians have an appetite for recycled rubber products and want to see more in their community. 
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Emerging Markets for Tire Derived ProductsEcovert Sustainability Consultants had the pleasure of attending Springfest and the OAA Annual Conference on behalf of OTS and its RPM's to get a firsthand look at how tradeshow attendees interacted with the freshly re-designed OTS booth and witness their curiosity for recycled tire products.
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Rethinking Backyards—For Less! During May and June, OTS partnered with RPM's to launch Rethink Rebate, a limited time offer that provides consumers with savings on recycled rubber tire products available at The Home Depot.
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