ISSUE 34 | FALL 2015
OTS Goes Full Throttle at the 2015 International Plowing Match
We all know the excitement involved in watching a triathlon or the thrill of a Nascar race; however, this year the ultimate in entertaining and eyebrow raising races came out of Finch, Ontario. The International Plowing Match (IPM) took place September 22-26 and, as always, it was a packed affair. Naturally, OTS was front and centre at the event educating visitors about the ins and outs of tire recycling in OntarioRead More
Executive Director's Message
As 2015 rolls along fast and furious, OTS is keeping up with the pace. In the past three months, we’ve accomplished a lot and we’re continuing to build on this momentum as we enter the fourth quarter of the year. One of the best ways I can continue to illustrate the success of OTS and our Used Tires Program is to share where we stack up on the number of tires recycled to-date in this province. This past May we announced that OTS had facilitated the recycling of 75 million tires across Ontario. In only four months, we’ve now hit the 80 million tires mark. This number will continue to rise – especially since we continue to purchase roughly 12 million new tires across the province every year. Read More

Inside Track
Read our answers to the following common questions:

Q: A steward sells tires to a distributor which in turn sells those tires to a company. The company ships the purchased tires out of province. How should this company claim back the TSF that was charged to them?

Q: Does the haulers’ mobile iPad app, TreadMarks Mobile, file my collector claims?

Q: Do I need to file my OTS claim even if I’m late or had no activity for a claim period?

Q: Where can I find the most current procedures and policies from OTS?

Dates and Deadlines
Oct 31: remittance deadline for the Sep 1-30 period
Nov 30: remittance deadline for the Oct 1-31 period
Dec 31: remittance deadline for the Nov 1-30 period

Dec 31: reporting deadline for July-Sep 2015 period

Haulers, Processors, RPM’s:
Oct 31: remittance deadline for the Sep 1-30 period
Nov 30: remittance deadline for the Oct 1-31 period
Dec 31: remittance deadline for the Nov 1-30 period


Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)
Market Watch

Soy Beans, The Sustainable FruitThere’s no denying the ingenuity of car manufacturers and their drive to make our vehicles function more efficiently. Cars are getting smarter, lighter and more powerful year over year. However, in this new technological age, it’s not always the smartest technology that gets the front seat, but rather the greenest. Auto manufacturers are looking past the leather seats and plastic bins, and incorporating agri-environmental design. 
Learn more

Rethink Tires Roadtrip: Rolling Fun Into Tire Recycling

Looking back at all the shows and events this year’s RethinkTires Roadtrip visited, it’s hard to pick my favourite moment. I had a blast being part of the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) team this summer. I’ve been an ambassador for other programs in the past, but this summer was by far my best experience in the field! 
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YMCA Central Toronto: Redesigned space unveiled
Ontario Tire Stewardship is pleased to announce the re-launch of our grant program as the Community Renewal Fund. The program, which awards eligible Ontario-based communities and organizations up to $50,000 toward the purchase and installation of Ontario-manufactured recycled rubber products has benefited communities across Ontario through projects such as playgrounds, community sidewalks and roofing retrofits.

We are working to finalize all details and the application for 2015 and 2016 projects will be available soon. To keep up to date, sign up for our Community Renewal Fund email list.

Upcoming Events

Oct 14-30: CAA Recycle Drive
Oct 19-25: Waste Reduction Week
Nov 6-15: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

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