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After another busy summer for Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), it is much of the same pace for the fall. Already this season, OTS has been infusing life into community projects across the province through the re-opening of the 2016 Community Renewal Fund, and engaging with attendees of the International Plowing Match. We are currently at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (November 4-13, 2016) where you can come visit us at The Royal Winter Gallery. Here's a closer look at what's keeping the team busy this quarter.

On October 12th, OTS announced the re-opening of the Community Renewal Fund (CRF) grant program that awards Ontario communities up to $50,000 to reimagine and reinvigorate their community spaces using products made from recycled Ontario tire rubber. In addition to re-opening the grant applications, the first wave of CRF recipients were announced. In total, seven projects in six different communities across the province were awarded funding.

Applications for the 2016 CRF are open until November 30th.

From September 20-24, nearly 100,000 people descended on the town of Minto, Ontario for the 2016 International Plowing Match (IPM). As one of the world’s largest farming exhibitions, IPM plays host to agriculture exhibitors and enthusiasts from all over the world. From the Queen of the Furrow to the plowing match itself, the event boasts some of the most unique feats of farming prowess out there, and OTS was once again part of the action.

OTS had a strong presence at this year’s event with brand ambassadors onsite to educate attendees on proper tire maintenance and the finer details of tire recycling in the province of Ontario.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is taking place from November 4-13, 2016 at Exhibition Place in Toronto, and this will mark the second year in a row that OTS will be taking part as an exhibitor.

OTS brand ambassadors will be onsite to impart knowledge about tire maintenance and recycling, while showcasing products made from Ontario tire rubber, which will be displayed at The Royal Winter Gallery. This year for this first time you will be able to check out an assortment of products made from recycled rubber.  If you’re planning on attending The Royal, don’t forget to stop by The Royal Winter Gallery to see the full installation.


A great week for industry from the Recycled Rubber Symposium

The first week of October was a great one for our industry and one that our organization looks forward to for the learning and sharing that occurs.  It started with a gathering of all the tire recycling agencies in Canada at the CATRA AGM in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where our team was able to learn from other organizations to understand challenges and hear about accomplishments taking place across the country, such as Alberta recycling its 100 millionth tire (something OTS can look forward to in the year ahead), and share OTS’s new insights into crumb rubber production rates from OTR tire processing and the way new passenger and light truck tire profiles are impacting overall tire weights. 

This was followed by the Tire & Rubber Association of Canada’s bi-annual Recycled Rubber Symposium, an international gathering that brings together a wide range of stakeholders to encourage discussion and foster innovation within the industry. The symposium included presentations from around the globe that touched on areas such as driving the circular economy, legislative comparisons, and industrial applications of rubber devulcanization.
Some of the presentation highlights include:
  • An experimental house built by Red River College which allows for consistent comparison of traditional infill with recycled rubber infill. The early results show great benefits surrounding moisture, heat, and cooling – This is a project to watch!
  • Research being conducted by Ecopneus out of Italy that is looking at the impact of environmental factors, such as pollution, on crumb rubber applications and the potential health effects.
  • New plant life that Bridgestone is currently investigating for the creation of a more sustainable tire. In 2015 they created the first tire made out of the Guayule plant!
  • The interesting work that Titan Tire Reclamation is doing to find ways to recycle mining tires in Fort McMurray.
One of the most positive aspects of the week’s learnings was to see the increased use of recycled rubber for high value products across Canada.

We were also excited to see several organizations that work with OTS actively participating in the conversation on the future of our industry including Tyromer, North West Rubber and Nexxsource Recycling, Bridgestone, Goodyear, New Rubber Technologies, Emterra, Crumb Rubber Manufacturers, Liberty Tire and Moose Creek Tire Recycling.

Given the amount of research taking place within the industry and dedicated organizations involved, there is promise of an interesting year ahead!


Q&A with Steve Fletcher, Executive Director, Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) 
2016 was a banner year for the OARA Tire Take Back program. Not only was it announced that $117,998 was raised to help support The Sunshine Foundation of Canada, but the program, now in its seventh year, has officially raised more than $1 million to support children living with severe disabilities across Canada.

On the heels of such an incredible milestone, we caught up with Steve Fletcher, Executive Director of OARA to offer some insight into the Tire Take Back (TTB) program, and to share a few fond memories as well.


How long have you been with OARA?

I joined OARA in 1992.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the OARA Tire Take Back program?

TTB started as a joint effort of OARA and OTS to raise awareness of tire recycling in Ontario. Although tires are now collected and recycled everyday with the Used Tires Program, we thought it was a good opportunity to generate awareness by having a specific tire recovery event to focus on - that would allow OARA to talk about auto recycling and allow OTS to talk more specifically about tire recycling.

How do you turn scrap tires in to dreams for kids?

This is a question that stimulates a lot of interest. In short, residents can drop off an unlimited amount of Passenger, Light Truck and Agricultural tires for free, at all OARA-registered collector locations. The TSF for each tire is then waived by OTS and matched by each participating OARA member

How long has OARA been doing this?

TTB is in its seventh year and we have already begun planning for next year. In seven years, TTB has some pretty amazing numbers to report on, as 458,185 tires have been collected, and $1,060,306 has been raised for a truly great cause.

To read more of our interview with Steve, click here.

Inside Track
Read our answers to the following common questions:Q: I'm a Steward. Do I have to use TreadMarks to submit my remittances?

Q: As a Steward, how do i go about remitting semi-annually instead of monthly? 

Q: As a registered Collector, am I required to keep a tire log?

Q: I am a registered Collector and I was late filing my claim. Can I still submit the claim and receive the Collection incentive?

Q: As a registered Collector, am I required to accept used tire drop offs at my facility?
Dates and Deadlines
Reporting Data Period        Payment & Reporting Deadline
Oct. 1-31, 2016                                     Nov. 30, 2016
Nov. 1-30, 2016                                    Dec. 31, 2016
Dec. 1-31, 2016                                    Jan. 31, 2017

Reporting Claim Period                  Start             Deadline
Jul.1 - Sept. 30, 2016                  Oct. 1, 2016      Dec. 31, 2016 

Reporting Claim Period                Reporting Deadline
Oct. 1-31, 2016                                     Nov. 30, 2016
Nov. 1-30, 2016                                    Dec. 31, 2016
Dec. 1-31, 2016                                    Jan. 31, 2017

Processors & RPMs:
Reporting Claim Period                 Reporting Deadline
Sept. 1-30, 2016                                     Nov. 30, 2016
Oct.  1-31, 2016                                      Dec. 31, 2016
Nov. 1-30, 2016                                      Jan. 31, 2017

Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)
Market Watch

Dalhousie researchers study using recycled tires to strengthen soil

Researchers in Halifax are seeing whether material from recycled tires could be used to strengthen soil and help the construction industry.

Full article can be found here.



2016 Design Challenge Winners!
Earlier this year, OTS was excited to host our annual Ontario Tire Stewardship Student Design Challenge. The Design Challenge was comprised of a three-day "Design Jam" where students in the fields of landscape architecture and industrial design assembled at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto, to view and study the area to be redesigned.

To read the full story click here.  


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