ISSUE 29 | JUNE 2013 Treadmarks Mobile Rolling Out This Summer
OTS constantly strives to deliver the Used Tires Program with integrity, efficiency, and at the lowest possible cost, while continuing to recycle 100% of Ontario’s scrap tires. To this end OTS has developed a mobile manifest system that will virtually eliminate paper-based forms, reduce administration, and make it easier for our Program Participants to submit information to OTS. Read More

Executive Director's MessageAs we approach the midway point for 2014, I’m very proud of the critical progress that our organization has made over the last six months. While we achieved major program milestones in the front end of the year, we remain committed to our goal of responsibly recycling 100 per cent of Ontario tires and making further improvements to program efficiencies.

Our most notable program achievement over the past several months has been the clearing of tire stockpiles across the province. This included over 350,000 tires that were in found in potentially environmentally hazardous piles, and an additional 1.2 million cleared from farms, private properties, and other piles as reported to OTS by Ontarians. While the risk presented by these scrap tires has been greatly reduced, we will continue to work toward keeping Ontario tires out of landfills and stockpiles, and turning them into high-quality products. Read More

Inside Track
Q&A: Treadmarks MobileRead our answers to the following common questions:

Q: What transactions will be submitted through TMm?

Q: What supporting documentation should be sent to OTS for tires picked up through TMm?

Q: Do the iPads Haulers use need internet to work?

Q: Do Collectors need iPads or any other devices?
Dates and Deadlines
Stewards:June 30: remittance deadline for the May 1-31 period
July 31: remittance deadline for the June 1-30 period
Aug 31: remittance deadline for the July 1-31 period

Collectors: June 30: reporting deadline for Jan-Mar 2014 period

Haulers, Processors, RPM’s: June 30: reporting deadline for the Apr 1-30 period
July 31: reporting deadline for the May 1-31 period
Aug 31: reporting deadline for the June 1-30 period

Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)
The OTS Report
Market Watch

Maclean's Green 30 companies recognized for sustainabilityWith the launch of Treadmarks Mobile, OTS is pleased to be one of the many companies that has committed to integrating sustainable practices into their everyday operations.

In May, Maclean’s profiled 30 companies that have been celebrated for their commitment to going green. Notable initiatives included trimming air travel, providing electric staff vehicles, Skype interviews to avoid transportation costs, and volunteer days for Lake Ontario shoreline cleanup.

The Green 30 highlights the out-of-the-box thinking that companies have increasingly been displaying in order to reduce their carbon footprint, and will surely inspire other companies to do the same. Congratulations go out to the Green 30 and other Canadian companies that have gone green. Read more


Top ways to upcycle tiresThe following is a guest post by Ziya Tong, host of Daily Planet and OTS Ambassador

Working on Daily Planet, we see a lot of weird and wacky creations, so naturally when I started working with the team at OTS, I was curious to find out what sort of interesting ways tires can be used in everyday life. I love the fact that tires get turned into great products for the home like roofing shingles, patio tiles and rubber mulch, but how far can we stretch them beyond that?

After searching far and wide, here are my top five fun and unlikely uses for recycled rubber... Read More

Another successful year of OARA Tire Take BackIn addition to warmer weather and flowers, May brought the fifth annual Tire Take Back event to Ontario. In partnership with OARA, OTS helped raise money for the Sunshine Foundation of Canada. Each tire dropped off at a participating location translates into a portion of a dream for a child with severe disability or life-threatening illness.

“The nuts and bolts of our business would drive you crazy if we didn't have programs like this to keep us grounded," said Tom Huehn, owner of 400 Auto Wreckers in Holland Landing. Local auto recyclers like 400 Auto Wreckers have made a difference in their communities through their enthusiastic commitment to Tire Take Back. 
The event wrapped up on May 31st and the community that collects the most tires will receive $15,000 of sustainable community upgrades. Stay tuned for results in July!
Read more

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RethinkTires Roadtrip is on!The 2014 RethinkTires Roadtrip has begun! Come meet our teams in various locations across Ontario to see how we are engaging the public and teaching them about tire recycling and recycled rubber products.

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