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Executive Director's Message

What makes a community? Most people think of “our” community as where we live and raise our families. We think of where we shop, drop off dry-cleaning, visit the park with kids, walk the dog and have a beer with the neighbour over the fence. Naturally, we want our communities to be safe, clean, accessible, well maintained and increasingly, sustainable. We know this because homebuyers and employers evaluate things like “walk-score” and green spaces within the communities they do business. Read More


 Closing the Production and Consumption Loop

Incineration, landfill use and recycling are three common solutions to a mounting consumer and industrial waste problem. Yet, these solutions still do not address a key source of problems: the creation of waste.
Motivated by consumer demand, financial incentives and a growing patchwork of regulations, companies that design, produce and sell products are increasingly taking responsibility for them at the end of life. This movement, called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), is leading to the development of a growing number of programs in Canada built on the premise that producer responsibility includes providing for the end-of-life management of products and that the sustainable use of resources should drive the decision-making around how these waste products are managed. Read More

Zero to Sixty

November 2012
November 30, 2012: Closing date for Stewards to submit September 2012 TSF Remittance Reports and payment
November 30, 2012: Closing date for Haulers to submit Claims for the September 2012 period
November 30, 2012: Closing date for Processors to submit Claims for the September 2012 period
November 30, 2012: Closing date for RPMs to submit Claims for the September 2012 period

Proposed Changes to USGBC LEED

For Canadians, keeping abreast of changes in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED system is important to stay ahead of the curve. The Canadian LEED rating system is developed and modified based on the U.S. system, with appropriate modifications made to ensure the system effectively accommodates Canadian climate and regulations.

On October 2nd 2012, the U.S. Green Building Council put LEED v4 through its fifth public comment period. One area, which had been revised and is now subjected to public review, is Materials and Resources. Read More

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Innovation is Genderless

Historically, men have dominated the recycled rubber industry. This can in part be attributed to the physical labour associated with traditional tire hauling and industrial processes. But, after chatting with Christie Newmeyer, Regional Sales Manager for Crumb Rubber Manufacturers (CRM) and the Executive Assistant to President & CEO Dr. Barry Takallou, we learned that as the industry moves forward, it’s the ability to innovate and be flexible to customer needs that defines success, not gender. Read the interview.

DID YOU KNOW OTS is launching the second annual OTS Student Design Challenge in fall of 2012. The goal of the challenge is to ignite creativity and innovation in the field of sustainable design and this year’s partnership with YMCA of Greater Toronto represents an exciting opportunity to showcase how innovative applications of Ontario tire-derived products can contribute positively to urban livability. Students will be developing design concepts for the entrance at the YMCA Central location on Grosvenor Street in downtown Toronto – a site which draws 3000 daily visitors. Visit for updates.

The entrance to this YMCA in Toronto will be the subject of the next OTS Student Design Challenge

DID YOU KNOW OTS has partnered with Stewardship Ontario and Mississauga’s RIC Centre to bring you Recycling Idol, a competition that will showcase innovative Canadian technologies that provide solutions for the management of waste materials. Who will be the first to win the title of Recycling Idol?

Recycling technology companies can apply now to compete for approximately $30,000 in prizes. Companies that feature technologies used in the recycling of plastics and packaging, tires, electronics, or hazardous waste can submit their application by November 15th
Overcoming Clutter, Stress and Disorganization

Certified Professional Organizer, organizational maven and founder of Wellrich Organizers, Carolyn Caldwell shares her ideas in this special feature article. 

In this day and age people are being bombarded with information. Downloadable music, movies on memory sticks and phones, which take photos and do our banking for us, people are people bombarded by information faster than they can digest. Moreover, our culture is one of accumulation and consumption. When a phone is technically too “old” for day-to day-needs, it gets tossed in favour of the latest model. Our current reality often means that people become overwhelmed with demands to respond and become disorganized in an unsuccessful attempt to keep up. Read More.


Outdated Community Spaces in Ontario Need Sustainable Revitalization

A recent Ontario Tire Stewardship survey reveals local parks, walkways, and community centers across the province need a little extra TLC.
Community spaces in Ontario are important places to gather and play, but they may not be meeting the standards of residents in terms of longevity and sustainability. In a recent OTS survey, 62% of respondents do not feel that public facilities, parks, playgrounds and pedestrian walkways are currently environmentally sustainable, and they are keen to support local revitalization projects that would inject new life into tired spaces using eco-friendly materials made from recycled tire rubber. Read More

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