ISSUE 36 | SPRING 2016
To celebrate OTS’ ongoing commitment to community, innovation and sustainability, this month we’re thrilled to launch our third Ontario Tire Stewardship Student Design Challenge. This year’s program has been expanded to test the skills of both landscape architecture and industrial design students. The Design Challenge aims to ignite creativity and innovative design while showcasing the aesthetics, functionality and high-performance of products made from recycled Ontario tires. Read More

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE2016 will be a year of transformation, growth and continued success for OTS.
We started out the year by announcing the upcoming launch of TreadMarks Online and introducing it to program participants. TreadMarks Online is a new online tool for program participants built to improve and streamline access to remittances, transactions, claims, and applications. Launching April 1st, the Online system builds on the TreadMarks Mobile iPad app, which has also been updated to include new features and will continue to serve as the handheld companion app to the Online system.
This year also saw the introduction of the Waste Free Ontario Act, Bill 151.  Read More

RETHINK rinks: We Transformed An Entire Skating Rink With Your Tires
In 2015, the Natrel Rink, which is located at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, was outfitted with rubber flooring made with recycled Ontario tires. The project diverted 715 tires from landfills. How cool is that?
This was made possible through the Ontario Tire Stewardship Community Renewal Fund. Check out our video to see how this project came to life.
We will begin accepting applications for the 2016 Community Renewal Fund in Spring 2016 – stay tuned for more details. You can also click here for more information about the fund and to see a complete list of 2015 recipients.
Inside Track
Read our answers to the following common questions:Q: How do I access the new TreadMarks Online system?

Q: I wasn’t able to attend any of the training sessions for the new TreadMarks Online system.  Are there any additional training dates available?

Q: If changes need to be made to my account in the new TreadMarks system, am I able to update this information myself?

Q: When are the new TSF fees for 2016 coming into effect?

Q: Can I be eligible to report and pay my TSF remittances semi-annually instead of monthly?

Dates and Deadlines
Reporting Data Period         Payment & Reporting Deadline
Feb. 1-29, 2016                                     Mar. 31, 2016
Mar. 1-31, 2016                                     Apr. 30, 2016
Apr. 1-30, 2016                                      May 30, 2016

Reporting Claim Period     Reporting Start    Reporting Deadline
Jan. 1 - Mar. 31, 2016             Apr. 1, 2016            June 30, 2016 

Reporting Claim Period                Reporting Deadline
Feb. 1-29, 2016                                     Mar. 31, 2016
Mar. 1-31, 2016                                     Apr. 30, 2016
Apr. 1-30, 2016                                      May 30, 2016

Processors & RPMs:
Reporting Claim Period                 Reporting Deadline
Jan. 1-31, 2016                                     Mar. 31, 2016
Feb. 1-29, 2016                                     Apr. 30, 2016
Mar. 1-31, 2016                                     May 31, 2016
Apr. 1-30, 2016                                     June 30, 2016
Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)
Market Watch

Ikea Takes Recycling to A New Level
Here in Canada, it’s almost unheard of to have retailers taking the lead on innovative recycling initiatives – but that just may be what Ikea Canada brings to the table if it takes a page from its European operations.
Ikea is looking at bringing a "take back" program to Canada that would allow customers to trade furniture purchased from the Swedish furniture giant in exchange for store credit.  Read More  

Upcoming Events

Spring Cottage Life Show: April 1-3
Green Living Show: April 15-17


Q&A with Sam Visaisouk, CEO Tyromer Inc.Q. How did Tyromer get its start?
Tyromer technology, based on rubber devulcanization, was invented by Professor Costas Tzoganakis of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Funding for the research was provided by Ontario Tire Stewardship and Ontario Centres of Excellence...
Read More

Q. What's the deal with this rubber devulcanization process?
When rubber is formed into a tire, it is vulcanized. This is a process in which rubber is mixed with sulfur and exposed to heat. The result is a hard, durable rubber product – perfect for tires. However, vulcanized rubber is difficult to recycle because it cannot be easily reformulated into raw materials.  Read More

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