ISSUE 40 | Spring 2017

Want to guess what 100 million tires would look like if they were stacked on top of one another?  100 million tires would be equivalent in height to over 36,000 CN Towers. If they were laid side-by-side, they would span the width of our country 11 times.

On April 7th, OTS’s Used Tires Program reached an incredible milestone, recycling its 100 millionth tire since the program opened in 2009. This incredible feat was announced at the Green Living Show in Toronto.  The road OTS has travelled to reach 100 million tires truly is marked with innovation and achievement.  Since its inception, the Used Tires Program has accomplished a number of things, but perhaps its most important accomplishment is its waste diversion rate. Through the Used Tires Program 100 per cent of scrap tires generated in Ontario are recycled into high value, sustainable products - and importantly, no tires are burned, disposed of in landfills or illegally dumped. It’s hard to imagine what Ontario would look like if tires were still piling up in landfills or if stockpiles were still presenting environmental or safety risks.
This milestone would not have been possible without the help of Ontarians across the province and the commitment of our industry partners. OTS’s network of over 700 Stewards, 7000 Collectors, almost 100 Haulers, and group of 30 Processors and Recycled Product Manufacturers are building a sustainable future for the province and supporting the circular economy. Through these partnerships, old tires are now redesigned into eco-friendly products like patio tiles, rubber landscaping mulch, gym flooring, playground surfacing, floor underlay, barn matting and more.
While we celebrate what we have achieved, we remain focused on continued success, supporting industry partners and driving innovation.

Starting the new year we knew 2017 had much in store for OTS. This was quickly confirmed when the MoECC provided direction under Waste Free Ontario Act and directed OTS to begin the process of developing a wind down plan to cease the operation of the existing used tires program by December 31st, 2018. As information becomes available our job will be to ensure a smooth transition as the program winds up. Until then it’s business as usual for OTS, as we look to maintain a 100 per cent diversion rate and continue on the trajectory of responsibly recycling over 12 million tires a year.
We have just surpassed an incredible milestone by recycling the 100 millionth tire under the used tires program. This significant achievement demonstrates that Ontarians are getting the message and know that tires no longer belong in landfills or collecting water in their backyards. In May, we will see another reduction of the PLT TSF, which will be the seventh such reduction since the program’s inception in 2009.  Read more

VIEWPOINTS: "EZ Rubber" paves the way in rubber innovation
This spring, Multy Home is launching its latest product innovation tailored to appeal to the “do-it-yourself” (DIY) market. EZ Rubber is a new product designed for small projects and home fix-it solutions, such as patching cracks in a driveway, creating a pathway or adding a rubberized surface under a swing.

According to research commissioned by Ontario Tire Stewardship, a large majority of Ontario residents (75%) are interested in seeing more products made from recycled tires. And as DIY projects continue to grow in popularity, with three-quarters of respondents stating they enjoy completing DIY projects, EZ Rubber is sure to be incorporated into Ontarians’ homes.

EZ Rubber will be available to the Canadian market exclusively at The Home Depot. It comes packaged in a ready to mix quantity and is sold with a pre-measured binder. Once mixed,, poured in place and smoothed, EZ Rubber will dry in the shape the user has defined. This allows for flexibility in design to replace or complement traditional outdoor paving. 

Q&A with Daniel Olding – CRF Grant Recipient (Rouge Crest Park, Richmond Hill)

Daniel is the Manager of Grant and Strategic Initiatives for the Town of Richmond Hill. In this role, Daniel manages major organizational and service improvement projects, like Rouge Crest Park, as well as other strategic corporate initiatives. 


How did you hear about the CRF program?
We heard about the Community Renewal Fund grant through a news release. Richmond Hill is always scanning for these types of opportunities. When we saw this opportunity, we knew that it would be a really good fit for the projects that we were working on in Richmond Hill.

What sparked your interest to apply for a CRF grant?
Parks are really important to the Richmond Hill community. We had an idea about what we wanted Rouge Crest to look like, as we wanted to include features in the design to improve safety and accessibility, but also give it a real innovative look and feel as well.

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Inside Track
Answers to common questions:Q: When will new Tire Stewardship Fee (TSF) rates come into effect?

Q: I submitted my tire quantities online prior to the remittance due date, but my remittance payment was received after the due date.  Will I be charged a penalty?

Q: If my collection site moves or there is a change in ownership, can I use the same QR code and registration number?

Q: I understand that the Used Tires Program is winding up at the end of 2018. Am I still required to file claims?

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Dates and Deadlines
Reporting Period                    Payment & Reporting Deadline
Mar. 1-31, 2017                                    Apr. 30, 2017
Apr. 1-30, 2017                                     May. 31, 2017
May. 1-31, 2017                                    Jun. 30, 2017

Reporting  Period                           Start             Deadline
Jan.1 - Mar. 31, 2016                  Apr. 1, 2017      Jun. 30, 2017 

Reporting Period                          Reporting Deadline
Mar. 1-31, 2017                                    Apr. 30, 2017
Apr. 1-30, 2017                                     May. 31, 2017
May. 1-31, 2017                                    Jun. 30, 2017

Processors & RPMs:
Reporting Period                           Reporting Deadline
Feb. 1-28, 2017                                     Apr. 30, 2017
Mar.  1-31, 2016                                    May. 31, 2017
Apr.   1-30, 2017                                   Jun. 30, 2017

Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)

Market Watch

Sweden's recycling is so revolutionary the country has run out of rubbish

Sweden’s recycling efforts are revolutionary, so much so that since 2011 less than one per cent of household waste is sent to landfills. In fact, they’re actually importing waste from other countries just to keep their recycling plants operational. 

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