ISSUE 27 | DECEMBER 2013 Newly Expanded Moose Creek Tire Recycling Facility Opens Its Doors
Moose Creek, Ontario may fly under the radar as a small town but a recent $18 million expansion project at Moose Creek Tire Recycling (MCTR) has made it home to a world-class production facility.

In Ontario, more than 12 million tires are sold each year, and each tire contains around 90 per cent recyclable materials. MCTR had been processing Ontario’s used tires since 2004, but upon the inception of Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) in 2009, the company recognized an opportunity to turn old tires into innovative and sustainable products. MCTR now works closely with Animat– a Sherbrooke, Quebec-based producer – to manufacture rubber mats made from recycled tires for use in the agriculture industry as anti-fatigue mats and floor protection for animals. Read More

Executive Director's MessageSince we first launched the Used Tires Program in 2009 we have been managing change here in Ontario. Changing how the province’s used tires get managed, changing the way drivers think about their used tires at end of life, and helping to change the Ontario tire recycling industry by investing in the development of new capacity, new markets and new products which contribute to the creation of healthier, more sustainable communities. We are proud of the changes brought about by the partnership between OTS, the tire recycling industry, and consumers, and while the change hasn’t always been easy, it has always been with the goal of ensuring that Ontario becomes a global leader in used tire diversion. Read More

Inside Track
Q&A: Answers to FAQ'sRead our answers to the following common questions:

Q: I have received an email about my Electronic Funds Transfer payment being processed and sent, but when I check my bank account there is no payment deposited. Why is this?

Q: What is the process that OTS follows for stock pile clean-ups?

Q: Am I eligible to receive a Negative Adjustment Credit on tires that went out of the province?
Dates and Deadlines
Stewards:December 31: remittance deadline for the Nov 1-30 period
January 30: remittance deadline for the Dec 1-31 period
February 28: remittance deadline for the Jan 1-31 period

Collectors: December 30: reporting deadline for the Jul 1-Sept 31 2013 period

Haulers, Processors, RPM’s: December 31: reporting deadline for the Oct 1-31 period
January 31: reporting deadline for the Nov 1-30 period
February 28: reporting deadline for the Dec 1-31 period

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Market Watch

TD Economic Report: The Greening of the Canadian EconomyTD Bank recently released its sustainability report which suggests Canada's "green economy" is too narrowly defined, risking exclusion of some progressive and innovative sustainability efforts undertaken by many companies that would otherwise be labeled ‘brown companies’. Read More

Creating a Safe Community Playground at Kawartha Village Co-opThis past summer, Kawartha Village Co-op in Peterborough, Ontario had the opportunity to rebuild its playground thanks in part to funding provided by OTS through the Community Grant Program. The Co-op hasn’t had a playground for seven years, so children didn’t have a common play area and adults didn’t have a common meeting ground for many years.  Read More 

School Takes Class Outside in New Sustainable Green SpaceIn October, OTS and CAA South Central Ontario unveiled a newly installed outdoor classroom at J.G. Simcoe P.S. in Kingston. The school was the recipient of the $20,000 community prize awarded through the annual RecycleDrive collection event. Read More

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