October 21st 2015
September 2015 OTS Stakeholder Newsletter 
Feature Story
OTS goes full throttle at the 2015 International Plowing Match

We all know the excitement involved in watching a triathlon or the thrill of a Nascar race; however, this year the ultimate in entertaining and eyebrow raising races came out of Finch, Ontario. The International Plowing Match (IPM) took place September 22-26 and, as always, it was a packed affair. Naturally, OTS was front and centre at the event educating visitors about the ins and outs of tire recycling in Ontario.
Started in 1913, the main event at IPM has always been the plowing match. Throughout the week, farmers take the field to put their plowing skills to the test against their peers. Throughout the years IPM has expanded beyond simply plowing, and the event now includes the crowning of the next Queen of the Furrow, an auctioneer challenge, a scarecrow competition and much more.
OTS ambassadors took the field at IPM to educate visitors on the merits of the Used Tires Program and showcase the many recycled tire products displayed at the booth, including the Eco-Flex Flexi-Grid Sand Saver, North West Rubber Red Barn Stall Mats and Shercom Equestrian Stall Flooring.
Event goers were also welcomed at the booth with big giveaway opportunities. Farmers entered to win one of five available prizes of $25,000 that would go towards the purchase, installation and shipping of recycled rubber products for their farm. Other visitors had a chance to enter a daily prize draw to win a $250 gift card from The Home Depot.  
As always, IPM was a great success. Ontario’s farming community is important to the province’s economy and OTS is always there to support them with tire collections and sustainable, economical products.
Executive Director Message
As 2015 rolls along fast and furious, OTS is keeping up with the pace. In the past three months, we’ve accomplished a lot and we’re continuing to build on this momentum as we enter the fourth quarter of the year. One of the best ways I can continue to illustrate the success of OTS and our Used Tires Program is to share where we stack up on the number of tires recycled to-date in this province. This past May we announced that OTS had facilitated the recycling of 75 million tires across Ontario. In only four months, we’ve now hit the 80 million tires mark. This number will continue to rise – especially since we continue to purchase roughly 12 million new tires across the province every year.
The fantastic news is that along with the help of Ontarians, we continue to recycle 100 per cent of Ontario’s tires and we do it efficiently, which is why the OTS team had the opportunity to reduce the Tire Stewardship Fee (TSF) for a second time this year. We can announce that as of September 1st, the TSF on Passenger and Light Truck tires was reduced from $4.75 to $4.25. This is a huge accomplishment as we continue to pave the way for a self-sustaining tire recycling industry.
The TSF reduction is in no part just an OTS effort. Ontarians, collectors, haulers and more have a big hand in this success as well. This is why OTS brand ambassadors go out to events across Ontario every summer to educate and inform the public on how they can get involved, share industry successes and demonstrate innovative new products made using their recycled tires. This year the RethinkTires Roadtrip visited 41 events across the province.
This summer went out with a bang as OTS participated in several exciting initiatives. In mid-September we were thrilled to support Tyromer Inc.’s open house. Established by the University of Waterloo with the help of OTS, innovative Ontario-based manufacturer AirBoss Rubber Compounding and other public/private collaborations, Tyromer Inc. has found a better way to manage scrap tire waste. The company’s new technology uses a new extrusion process to continuously convert scrap tire rubber into tyromer – a Tire-Derived Polymer, leading to a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly process. Even in early days this technology shows promise and is another example of the growth of the tire industry in Canada and Ontario.
Lastly, the International Plowing Match is always a blast and this year was no exception. With the entire Ontario Liberal Party Caucus and the Ontario PC Party Caucus at the event, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the vital part they play in Ontario’s economy and showcase our work to support the farming community.
With only a few months left in the year, we’re gearing up to support our friends at CAA South Central Ontario during the annual RecycleDrive event, we’re looking forward to Waste Reduction Week and to throwing on our farming hats once again at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.
Inside Track Q&A
Question: A steward sells tires to a distributor which in turn sells those tires to a company. The company ships the purchased tires out of province. How should this company claim back the TSF that was charged to them?
Answer: In the event that a steward passes the TSF to its distributor, that then passes it to the company shipping out of province, the company shipping tires out of province would request the refund from the distributor. The distributor will request the refund from the steward, who will in turn contact OTS for the refund.  Please be advised that OTS will only refund stewards who paid the TSF directly to OTS.  OTS reserves the right to request the supporting documentation (such as shipping documents or a chartered accountant report) to verify the accuracy of a steward request.
Question: Does the hauler’s mobile iPad app, TreadMarks Mobile, file my collector claims?
Answer: No, the hauler's mobile iPad app, TreadMarks Mobile does not file your Collector claims. The data from TreadMarks Mobile only enters the transaction into your claim.
Question: Do I need to file my OTS claim even if I’m late or had no activity for a claim period?
Answer: All participants must file all their claims even if the claim is late or if there was no activity for a given period.
Question: Where can I find the most current procedures and policies from OTS?
Answer: You can find most current information for each participant type under the Resource pages on
Dates & Deadlines
Collector Claims
July to September 2015 claim period due December 31, 2015
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October 22, 2015
Market Watch
Soy beans, the sustainable fruit
There’s no denying the ingenuity of car manufacturers and their drive to make our vehicles function more efficiently. Cars are getting smarter, lighter and more powerful year over year. However, in this new technological age, it’s not always the smartest technology that gets the front seat, but rather the greenest. Auto manufacturers are looking past the leather seats and plastic bins, and incorporating agri-environmental design.
From soy foam for seats to wheat straw fortified bins, manufacturers are using plant-based materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Auto manufacturers are not only reducing waste, they’re also stimulating the Canadian economy. Whereas wheat straw may have gone to waste before, farmers have a new revenue source when they sell it to auto manufactures.
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RethinkTires Roadtrip: Rolling fun into tire recycling
by Amanda, OTS Brand Ambassador
Looking back at all the shows and events this year’s RethinkTires Roadtrip visited, it’s hard to pick my favourite moment. I had a blast being part of the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) team this summer. I’ve been an ambassador for other programs in the past, but this summer was by far my best experience in the field! 
From traveling from city-to-city, to setting up the OTS booth at fairs, the best part of the roadtrip was having meaningful and in-depth conversations with event-goers.  As it’s all for such a good cause, I found it so easy to talk about OTS and show the public how bringing their old tires to their local tire collector can really make a difference in their community.
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