ISSUE 30 | FALL 2014 Treadmarks Mobile Now Launched
At Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) we are committed to making a difference in the communities, working seamlessly with our stakeholders and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished this year. In April, we announced that we helped recycle 60 million tires, clearing waste from farms, auto recycling yards and other piles across the province. At the end of May, OTS and the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) held the fifth annual Tire Take Back event, which allowed us to collect 46,898 tires in communities across Ontario. And the latest evolution of our program continues our commitment to supporting the environment through TreadMarks Mobile, our new electronic manifest system. Read More

Executive Director's MessageAs we approach the midway point for 2014, I’m very proud of the critical progress that our organization has made over the last six months. While we achieved major program milestones in the front end of the year, we remain committed to our goal of responsibly recycling 100 per cent of Ontario tires and making further improvements to program efficiencies.

Our most notable program achievement over the past several months has been the clearing of tire stockpiles across the province. This included over 350,000 tires that were in found in potentially environmentally hazardous piles, and an additional 1.2 million cleared from farms, private properties, and other piles as reported to OTS by Ontarians. While the risk presented by these scrap tires has been greatly reduced, we will continue to work toward keeping Ontario tires out of landfills and stockpiles, and turning them into high-quality products. Read More

Inside Track
Q&A: TSF Reporting, TMMRead our answers to the following common questions:

Q: What is the best method to remit my TSF data?

Q: If I make a TSF reporting error, how can I fix it?

TMM: For Q&A related to TreadMarks Mobile, click here
Dates and Deadlines
Stewards:Sept 30: remittance deadline for the Aug 1-31 period
Oct 31: remittance deadline for the Sept 1-30 period
Nov 30: remittance deadline for the Oct 1-31 period

Collectors: Sept 30: reporting deadline for Apr-Jun 2014 period

Haulers, Processors, RPM’s: Sept 30: reporting deadline for the Jul 1-31 period
Oct 31: reporting deadline for the Aug 1-31 period
Nov 30: reporting deadline for the  1-30 period

Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)
The OTS Report
Market Watch

TD survey finds Canadians want to plant more treesA recent survey by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation found that 96 per cent of all Canadians feel it’s important to plant trees so that future generations have a healthy environment. Right now two in 10 Canadians volunteer their time to planting more trees; however, two-thirds surveyed said they would like to donate more time to the cause.
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Educating Ontarians one tire at a time: a story from the roadtripBy Rachel, OTS Brand Ambassador

As a recent graduate of the Environment and Resource Studies program at the University of Waterloo, and a soon-to-be Master of Teaching student at the University of Toronto, I was keen on finding a way to incorporate environmental education into my summer job this year. Fortunately, my research led me to discover Ontario Tire Stewardship. 
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YMCA unveiling to showcase innovation in the community
It’s fun to stay at the YMCA! And it’s going to be a lot more fun starting in October. Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) and YMCA of Greater Toronto Area are thrilled to unveil the results of the 2013 OTS Student Design Challenge.

Upcoming Events

CAA RecycleDrive 2014: October 14-30

Waste Reduction Week: October 20-26

Rubber Recycling Symposium: October 22-24 (Montreal, QC)

The Buildings Show: December 3-5 (Toronto)

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