ISSUE 32 | SPRING 2015
Canadian International Auto Show
We were so thrilled with the turnout at last year’s Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS) that Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) was back, full throttle, in 2015 spreading the tire recycling word to car enthusiasts in Toronto.

Car lovers across Ontario made it out to the show—in an extreme cold alert no less—to check out the latest models from their favourite car manufacturers and get a sneak peek at the concept cars that spur the creativity and fuel the future of the automotive industry. Read More

Executive Director's MessageTwenty-five years ago, a devastating environmental disaster in a rural southern-Ontario community captured the attention of Ontarians and industry alike, and was one of the leading factors that helped change the way we manage used tires in the province. The Hagersville tire fire of 1990 saw 14 million scrap tires burn for 17 days. It’s an important part of Ontario’s history, and one we must reflect upon to illustrate just how far we’ve come. The image of the tire fire is a stark contrast to the thriving tire recycling industry that exists in 2015, in which Ontarians have helped to recycle nearly 75 million tires, and tire stockpiles have been cleared across the province. Thanks to conscientious Ontarians and the Used Tires Program, managed by Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), we no longer bear the risk of a repeat Hagersville. Read More

Inside TrackRead our answers to the following common questions:Q: Is HST applicable on the TSF and do we have to charge the HST on the fee when we are selling to our customers?

Q: Is it possible to sign a remitter agreement with another registrant of the program?

Q: When a Hauler collects tires from my facility from a mobile device, does it automatically submit my claim for me?

Q: Do I need to provide OTS with EFT (electronic funds transfer) information or can I receive payment via cheque as of April 1st 2015?

Q: Why have I stopped receiving tire pick-up receipts?

Q: Do I still need to file if no tires were picked up?
Dates and Deadlines
Stewards:Apr 30: remittance deadline for the Mar 1-31 period
May 31: remittance deadline for the Apr 1-30 period
Jun 30: remittance deadline for the May 1-31 period

Collectors: Jun 30: reporting deadline for Jan-Mar 2015 period

Haulers, Processors, RPM’s: Apr 30: reporting deadline for the Mar 1-31 period
May 31: reporting deadline for the Apr 1-30 period
Jun 30: reporting deadline for the May 1-31 period

Estimated Deliveries to Ontario Processors (kg)
The OTS Report
Market Watch

The Plastic Bank: Waste reduction meets social innovationIn 2013, the founders of Vancouver-based The Plastic Bank recognized the value of waste, and saw the opportunity to use plastic to help alleviate poverty. By incentivizing the collection of plastic waste in countries where waste management is not typically profitable, the organization has uncovered the value of plastic while diverting it from oceans. The Plastic Bank recently opened its first collection centre in Lima, Peru, and Haiti is next on the list. The resulting recycled material has already found its first buyer, with the popular LUSH Cosmetics on board. Congratulations to The Plastic Bank for creating a truly innovative waste solution! 
Learn more

Consumer Research: What's you appetite for green products?Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to dust off the patio furniture and gardening tools! With so many home and lifestyle products on the market, it can be a challenge to sort through the clutter. But what if there were stylish, sustainable options? Are consumers interested in these types of products for their homes and communities? This is just one of the insights we set out to gain during our annual OTS survey.
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YMCA Central Toronto: Redesigned space unveiled
Ontario Tire Stewardship is pleased to announce the re-launch of our grant program as the Community Renewal Fund. The program, which awards eligible Ontario-based communities and organizations up to $50,000 toward the purchase and installation of Ontario-manufactured recycled rubber products has benefited communities across Ontario through projects such as playgrounds, community sidewalks and roofing retrofits.

We are working to finalize all details and the application for 2015 and 2016 projects will be available soon. To keep up to date, sign up for our Community Renewal Fund email list.


Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) are proud to announce the sixth annual OARA Tire Take Back event to raise money for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. This year, we're welcoming the Ontario Federation of Agriculture to the partnership to help promote the collection event.

Tire Take Back will take place June 1-6. Details will be available on the Tire Take Back webpage as they become available.

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