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Social Media Branding: Rise Above the Crowd!

Growing your brand online is easier if you understand social media engagement and performance indicators. Try using Steven Woods' five social media revenue performance indicators to get your company's accounts organized, integrated, and working in your favor. Enjoy a free download of chapter one of Stand Out Social Marketing: 6 Keys to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Online Presence! by Mike Lewis!
Big Bird Memes

Mitt Romney Sparks Big Bird Meme Craze

Romney sparked a new social media meme trend after this week's presidential debate. From an unemployed Big Bird brushing off his job interview tie, to the entire Sesame Street gang threatening Romney's well-being, it's been surprising to see how creative the memes have been! Check out the @FiredBigBird account on Twitter and sample the madness!

Use Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand

Empowering consumers to identify with a brand by allowing them to interact with entertaining content, and then share it with others on social media sites, allows marketers to create powerful brand advocates. Check out Julie Steiner's article on social media branding by clicking here.

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