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Competition Act in Motion and its Enforcement
by Lim Jo Yan and Liow Pei Xia

The Competition Act 2010 ("the Act") was gazetted on 10.6.2010 and became effective on 1.1.2012. The Act applies to all commercial activities within and outside of Malaysia so long as the commercial activity transacted outside of Malaysia has an effect on competition in any market in Malaysia. The Act is regulated by the Malaysia Competition Commission ("MyCC"), an independent statutory body established to oversee the effective implementation and enforcement of the Act. [Read more]

Dispute Resolution
by Raymond Mah and Liow Pei Xia

Disputes can be costly and time consuming, affecting both personal and business relationships. However, a better understanding of the available options for dispute resolution and the mechanics of each process greatly assists with decision making and the management of expectations. MahWengKwai & Associates can help you effectively manage and resolve your disputes. [Read more]

Convicted for Failing to Lodge Annual Return to Registrar of Companies (SSM)

Failure to lodge annual returns by Directors can result in fine or imprisonment. Hasniza Binti Wazer, the Director of Megan Armani Sdn Bhd and Electronics Team Sdn Bhd was convicted on two charges for failing to lodge the company’s Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies under Section 165(4) of the Companies Act 1965 (Act 125). She was sentenced to a fine of RM700.00 or in default seven (7) days imprisonment for each charges. [Read more]

Environmental Law - The Double Bite
by Lim Jo Yan and Liow Pei Xia

New Straits Time on 28 May 2013 reported that Sweet Home Candied Products Sdn Bhd (“Sweet Home”) was fined for flouting Environmental Quality Act 1974 (“EQA”). The Department of Environment ("DOE") also served a notice on Sweet Home, requiring it to remedy its breach of the EQA and the Regulations by repairing its Water Waste Treatment Plant, pursuant to Section 31(2) of the EQA. Sweet Home however failed to remedy its breach and was subjected to further legal proceedings for breach of Section 31(2) of the EQA. [Read more]

Wills in Malaysia
by Raymond Mah and Gan Chong Chieh

MahWengKwai & Associates offers you a personalised will writing service. Our lawyers will answer your questions, advise you and help you to write your will to suit your circumstances and your wishes. If you so require, you may also deposit your original will with us for safe-keeping. For your benefit, we have set out below our answers to some frequently asked questions regarding wills for non-Muslims in peninsular Malaysia. We hope you find the information helpful. [
Read more]

Citizenship for Adopted Children - A Malaysian Perspective
by Raymond Mah and Chloe Lim Yen Hwa

The Malaysian Adoption Act 1952 does not address the citizenship of adopted children. As a result, the nationality of adopted children in Malaysia has been determined arbitrarily by the National Registration Department (NRD) in the exercise of its administrative function of registering orders granted by the Malaysian courts. By refusing citizenship to many adopted children, the NRD has forced many aggrieved parents to subsequently apply to the Minister of Home Affairs for citizenship for their adopted children, which decision is discretionary and beyond judicial review. [
Read more]

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