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AppWriter Cloud update


Word prediction and read aloud features in Google Chrome

Today we are releasing an amazing AppWriter Cloud update. The new version number is 2.4.0

Starting from today AppWriter Cloud provides word prediction and read aloud features everywhere in the Chrome browser. Until now the word prediction was restricted to Google Docs only. But now you will find AppWriter's assistive tools in all standard text input fields in the Chrome browser.

Standard text input fields are found in Gmail, Google+ and many other sites. We are working on adding AppWriter features to all other text input fields.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us on:
UK: +44 20 7193 7976, US: +1 347 227 2127 or on:


The entire AppWriter code had to be rewritten in order to add word prediction and read aloud to all text input fields in Chrome. We have been testing it thoroughly, but if you discover any errors or unexpected behaviours, please send us an email:

How does word prediction work outside Google Documents?

If you type in a standard text input field in Chrome, AppWriter provides word prediction.

If you are in Gmail, you will get word predictions whenever you write some text:

To read aloud your text, select a portion of the text and tap on the play icon in this toolbar:

Toggle word prediction off

If you want to toggle off the word prediction feature, you can do this in the following ways:
  1. Click on ESC - The word prediction box will disappear until you type something again
  2. Click on the AW-icon in the Chrome extension menu, choose a language and toggle off the word prediction.

NB! If you toggle off the word prediction, remember to toggle it back on, when you are in a Google Document. To do this, click on the button marked in red below:


Updates in the spring of 2014

We are already working on the following new features in AppWriter Cloud:
  1. PDF-reader module including OCR
  2. User log (see user progression, common misspellings, etc)
We will get back with more info on these new features soon.
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