Jedemi Newsletter Issue #4
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Greetings <<First Name>>!

I hope all is well. This one will be quick with an option to explore more.

» Notable Quotables


"The thing to do is be as open as possible to any illumination that might come along.”
— Ed “Doc” Ricketts
Found this on page 197 of “Renaissance Man of Cannery Row: The Life and Letters of Edward F. Ricketts
Doc is one of our gang here.

» Ponderable

So far, what we’ve been hearing is that our weekly news is slipping into that TL;DR* category (“Got it” and “Will get to it when…”).

*Too Long; Didn't Read
Totally understandable.  Time is always a challenge. 
For this week’s ponderable, please check out this Jedemi DragonBustR post
In it, we prescribe a way to get around those pesky dragons.  You see, dragons are those things, like time, that block your path to “illumination.”

» A Notable:
While on the subject of time, were were curious on how long one should plan for the initial “run through” of our email.  We dropped the copy into the Medium website and the magic number ended up being 3-minutes.
Not very long really. 
We took our most recent post (AWSI: Big Kahuna Coffee Beans — Thinking Beyond the Price…) and gave it the Medium treatment.
Amazingly enough, it too came up to 3-minutes.  So keep that number in the back of your mind.  You might want to save our emails for when you have a break in the action.

» A Song

Seems like quite a few songs have a 3-minute run-time.  Our Enchanted Jukebox pulled in this one from the NVC 032716 post: Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On
To this day, we still swear it sounds like they are saying “focus,” not “blow a kiss.”


That’s a wrap!  Hope you have an awesome holiday!
Thanks for reading and #SCMF!

— Annie & The Gang.

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#SCMF (Stay Curious My Friends)
#AWSI (As We See It) opinion pieces
#NVC (News, Views & Clues)
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