Jedemi Newsletter Issue #8
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Greetings <<First Name>>!

I hope all is well.  This week we’ve been very amped up about some of the really creative and immersive storytelling we’ve experienced through several of the awesome series we’ve been watching.  Just like with “The Little Prince” movie, our sense is the brilliant folks creating these stories absolutely love what they are doing -- which is amazingly inspiring.  
Now without further ado… 

» Notable Quotables...

Rollo May also said “courage is necessary to make being and becoming possible.”  Think about that especially when that silly dragon blocks your way. Try to summon some courage (heart) to knock him aside and keep moving.

» A Ponderable...

And as if that above isn’t enough of a ponderable, we highly encourage you to check out the “What We’re Watching (AKA Triple-Dub)…” post we put up this week.  You’ll get a sense of what’s got us so amped.  Immersive storytelling (dialogue, visuals, music, sound effects and…) takes you away and helps you transcend your day-to-day for a bit.  Like a short but fantastic journey.  Let us know what you think.

 » A Song...
The Enchanted Jukebox had initially provided us with a song from the outstanding “Peaky Blinders” soundtrack.  Then, late in the day, we made a discovery on our own: 

David Bowie was a “huge fan” of the hit BBC2 drama based in 1920s Birmingham, and recorded some of his final music for the series before he died in January, saying: “More of that to come.

In the fifth episode of the Season 3, “Lazarus” was the song playing in the “Tommy is recovering” scene.  


That’s a wrap!  Thanks for reading.  Also, thanks for forwarding your comments, suggestions and art (Yea!).  #SCMF!
— Annie & The Gang.
Did you know that there’s a FREE serialized edition of Annie’s book?  She really wants people to give her story a read.  Please check it out.  Thanks! 
—The Gang

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