Jedemi DragonBustR Reader Issue #33 Special Edition
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Greetings <<First Name>>!

Hope all is well. Quite breezy it is here in Jedemi territory where March certainly isn’t following the whole “In like a lion, out like a lamb” thing. And the whole March Madness “thing” always seemed weird to to us since the NCAA Finals actually occur in April —starting on Saturday (no joke!).

» A Quotable...

Hitting you with a mystery quote / ponderable.  Hoops-related perhaps?  Yes and no.  You can find the source here.  And it does connect to two separate stories we read in Sports Illustrated (Story 1 and Story 2). Look for more details in a Jedemi #SCMF post.

» Another Quotable...
This one we will source.  The stats in the Chronicle piece will blow you away.  For example:
  • On 77.9 percent of his shots, Thompson touches the ball for less than two seconds.
  • Nearly 66 percent of his attempts come without taking a dribble. 
If you find yourself watching hoops this weekend, it might be fun to watch for this. 
» A Song...
As for the song, this one is awesomely appropriate! Check out the video below.

That's a Wrap!
Thanks for your time!  
May the Jedemi Force be with you!  #SCMF!
— The Gang sans Annie
Demi Lovato - Confident (Official Video)
We say, nothing's wrong with being confident...

Did you know that the Jedemi Chronicles are about a fearless girl?  Well, she didn't start out that way.  The Gang tamed her and offered guidance on her journey towards building the self-confidence needed to be fearless.  Ponder that!
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