Jedemi Newsletter Issue #7
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Greetings <<First Name>>!

I hope all is well.  Our curiosity was in overdrive this week.  We managed to find a thread for you.  Please read on!

» Notable Quotables...

So it seems like the plan was laid out for me and all I had to do was follow the instructions.”

We posted this on the Jedemi Twitter along with an appropriate companion from our Joey: “Fate leads those who are willing.  The unwilling it drags.”

Vin fits the “willing” category.  What a great story teller!  We hope that compilations of his stories will be available online to revisit (Especially great for the offseason / countdown until Spring Training begins).

» A Ponderable...
We just posted a piece (SCMF Musings: This Adventurous Monkey has a Curious Backstory) that we think you’ll enjoy.  It’s about the journey the Reys went through to save their manuscripts (including Curious George) from the about-to-be-occupied Paris in the 1940s. 
A graduate of New York University’s film school, who grew up in Japan reading ‘George’, is doing a documentary on the them (Kickstarter funded) which we can't wait to see.  

Tip: Scroll down to the end of that piece as we tucked in some nuggets of goodness (and fun!)

» A Song - The Heat is On...
The Enchanted Jukebox has provided a song that seems to fit the notion of escaping (and crossing thresholds).   

That’s a wrap!  Thanks for reading.  Also, thanks for forwarding your comments, suggestions and art (Yea!).  #SCMF!

— Annie & The Gang.

P.S. We’d appreciate it if you’d share this newsletter with anyone you think might find it amusing and inspirational.  Also, if you scroll down you'll see the link to buy Annie's Viv story (Affordably priced at $3.26.  That's Joseph Campbell's birthday, by the way).

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