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Wreath Making

Here at the Gardens we are getting in the mood with some fun holiday wreath making. Our friend, Lisa Irwin, a recent transplant from the Northwest, was excited to try her hand at creating with coastal natives and heirloom plants. Here is her report:

A gathering of friends, and a gathering of plant materials, made for a plethora of entertainment and unique finished products.

Here is how you too can bring nature indoors.

Get your tools:

  • Paddle wire

  • Hand clippers and scissors

  • Wreath frame (pre-made or make your own with grape vines)

Go gathering:

From the woods we collected Red Cedar, Wax Myrtle, Slash Pine, Magnolia, Yaupon Holly, Sweet Bay, Sumac, Palmetto, and Grape Vines. From the Garden we got stalks and seed heads from Swamp Sunflower, Goldenrod, Celosia, Andropogon, and other grass species. We found way more variety of evergreen and dried beauties than I expected!

Let the making begin:

If you are using vines, weave them into a circle or shape. This is the method I prefer for putting my wreaths together: Knot one end of the paddle wire to your frame. Gather your plant material into beautiful little clumps. Start by wrapping the attached wire three times around the bottom of the clump and the frame. Leave the paddle wire attached and off to one side.

Create the next clump of plant material and lay it over the wrapped end of the first clump. Wrap the bottom of the stems and continue. When you are back to the beginning, tuck the ends under the first loose material then tie off the wire. Add additional material as desired by weaving the stems in. You can make a wire loop for hanging,or use ribbon, or a wreath hook.

Cynthia Camilleri, our North Carolina friend, uses a different method of weaving in a base layer of materials, then adding other elements as she desires, poking them into the woven vine or wired base. It works great too.



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