WELL THE TIME IS HERE - HELP HORNSBY PLAN YOUR PARKLAND. oh,...and an under the radar opening.
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Hi Tristan



Well this is it. The time we have been waiting for. A $52 million dollar project which could either make or break mountain biking in Hornsby. Click the picture below to learn more and contribute your ideas. Read on for some ideas of what to say.

- be specific. Don't just ask for more trails. 
- talk of how the current trail is short and this is an opportunity to create a longer trail circumnavigating the parkland that will allow people to extend their skills and fitness level. It will also allow people to move around the parkland to experience other features.
- create a real trailhead with proper facilities and make this a world class trail and a regional attraction.
- talk of how mtb can be integrated with and compliment other outdoor activities. Site examples - Rotorua and Queenstown. 
- ask for trails to connect the Lava Flow trail all the way down to Rosemead Road to create long gravity oriented trails for downhill. Mention how Lava Flow (wait till you ride the new enhanced version!!) is awesome and should be a key part of this descending trail (note that Lava Flow may be lost to a large oval - so mention how important it is).
- we need a good jump park and skills park (there is a great one coming shortly but again this could be lost longer term)
- IMPORTANT - mention how the Active Living Hornsby Strategy plan to connect suburbs up and to the Parkland via MULTI-USE (i.e. - ones for walker, runners and cyclists) trails is VITAL. If they don't do this the parkland will be a traffic jammed carpark!

Of course tell them all the other things you want as well! Zip lines, white water kayaking, rock climbing, a chairlift, a luge, trail running, etc.

This Saturday 11AM ish - you are invited to be at the OMV trails on Quarry Road to be the first to officially ride some new stages opening this weekend. It's just a few trail sections and so there is no big opening or hoooharrr. That will be later in the year. But Council are seriously bursting to get people back out there - so they've opened these first stages. Hornsby Council's media man Nick Cook will be there to capture your impressions. If you see him say "hello dude, see me smiling, I'm smiling cause I'm riding on this new rad mtb trail".


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