20 July 2016 – Volume 108


Executive Director Legal Practice Katie Miller

New Executive Director Legal Practice appointed

Our newly appointed Executive Director Legal Practice Katie Miller brings a high level of leadership, government expertise and innovation to Victoria Legal Aid.

Read more about our newly appointed Executive Director.

Opinion on Adrian Bayley appeals

Decisions to approve or refuse legal aid are made independently of government, media and public opinion, and with essential checks and balances the public can be confident in.

Read our response to a recent comment in The Age, which explains how decisions are made under section 24 of the Legal Aid Act.

Meeting the challenge of briefing in regional areas

Warrnambool law firm Dwyer Robinson reveals how briefing a public advocate can ease the challenge of securing barristers when matters are listed at short notice in regional areas.

Read more at Meeting the challenge of briefing in regional areas.

Resolving disputes between tenants and landlords: 16 ways it can be done better

Victoria Legal Aid has made a fifth submission to the Victorian Government's Review of the Residential Tenancies Act with 16 recommendations designed to improve ways disputes are resolved.

Read the full submission on dispute resolution, as well as previous submissions to this review by our Civil Justice Program.

Brave new world: Could technology and artificial intelligence close the justice gap?

National Legal Aid recently held a forum, in partnership with RMIT's Centre for Innovative Justice, exploring whether artificial intelligence and digital technology can eliminate lengthy, expensive, lawyered-up conflicts.

Around 460 people heard from international experts, Dutch Legal Aid and HiiL Innovating Justice, leaders in their field of adapting technology to help resolve everyday legal problems – with lawyers and formal adjudicating bodies – as part of this online solution.

The forum can be viewed online or read our news story about the event.

Launch of report: legal help for people with disabilities detained for compulsory treatment – Thursday 11 August 

Our Senior Lawyer Eleanore Fritze has written a Churchill Fellowship report, Shining a light behind closed doors. She travelled to the United States, UK and Hungary exploring how legal services can better protect the human rights and dignity of people with mental illness and cognitive disabilities who have been detained for compulsory treatment.

Find out more and register to attend the launch.

Panel practitioner updates

Support for panel practitioners and community legal centre lawyers undertaking accredited specialisation

We again offer our support to private panel practitioners who are undertaking Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialisation in the areas of criminal law and children's law through:

  • study groups, providing an opportunity for practitioners to collaborate and share their knowledge, experience and resources
  • professional legal education sessions and study intensives
  • practice panel presentation for criminal lawyers.

Read more about how we are supporting accredited specialisation.

Community news and notices

Goulburn Valley CLC seeking senior lawyer

Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre is seeking a senior lawyer with demonstrated experience in providing legal advice and casework in community law to disadvantaged communities.

Read more at Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre.

Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre seeking two community lawyers

Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre is seeking two community lawyers to deliver generalist advice, duty lawyer work, casework support, community legal education and systemic law reform work.

Read more at Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre.

Annual Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference – 22 July

Victoria Legal Aid Executive Director Criminal Law Helen Fatouros will be presenting on youth justice at the Annual Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference on Friday 22 July. Helen will look at our youth justice system, its legislative framework, institutions and ability to deal with anti-social and violent youth offending.

The annual Castan Centre conference is the leading human rights conference in Australia, providing a vital health check on the state of human rights in Australia and overseas.

Read more at Annual Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference.

Consent, Law and Sexual Ethics, presented by Professor Robin West – 26 July

The lecture by Professor West will explore some of the harms, both psychological and political, of one form of sometimes hurtful, albeit consensual sex – consensual sex that is not mutually welcomed by both or all partners. 

Read more at Consent, Law and Sexual Ethics.

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