3 August 2016 – Volume 109


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Is our youth justice system really broken?

Victoria’s youth justice system is far from broken despite recent ‘corrosive’ media coverage, according to Executive Director Criminal Law Helen Fatouros.

Find out more about Helen's presentation from the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference.

New pilots to reduce trauma for parents dealing with family violence

Parents at risk of being overwhelmed with legal problems because of family violence will soon be assisted through pilot programs in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs and Victoria’s north-east.

Read more about the new pilots.

Legal advice on child support coming to Whittlesea

Help with child support arrangements and an information session will soon be available through a Victoria Legal Aid outreach service in one of Melbourne's largest municipalities.

Read about the outreach service.

Human Rights Charter Review announcement

We welcome the recent Victorian Government announcement to support many of the recommendations made through the independent Human Rights Charter Review.

Read more about the Human Rights Charter Review announcement.

Panel practitioner updates

Special edition of Legal Aid Brief for family law practitioners

We recently published a special edition of Legal Aid Brief for family law practitioners doing legally aided family law work.

Read the special edition of Legal Aid Brief for family law practitioners.

New ATLAS Criminal Law templates effective 1 August

Changes to the ATLAS criminal law application templates came into effect on 1 August. These include changes to template names and regrouping of grants of aid under templates.

View a full list of the new templates.

Participants required for emotional intelligence research

Psychology honours student at Central Queensland University Breeana Munro is undertaking a thesis on emotional intelligence and legal practitioner wellbeing.

Legal practitioners who would like to participate in the research are invited to complete a short anonymous online survey that takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Participant's identity and place of work will remain confidential and the research has been approved by the university's Human Research Ethics Committee to ensure no harm or discomfort is caused.

Participate in the survey.

Community news and notices

Smart Justice Symposium – 25 August

The Smart Justice Symposium will bring together government, academic, legal and service sector providers to explore opportunities for working together to 'remake justice' and improve the justice system.

Read more at Smart Justice Symposium.

Can human rights and mandated medical treatment coexist? – 31 August

Victoria Legal Aid Senior Lawyer Eleanore Fritze will participate in this panel discussion which will discuss whether mandated interventions for people experiencing mental health concerns are consistent with human rights.

Read more at Can human rights and mandated medical treatment coexist?

Law and Courts in an Online World – 8 and 9 November

This conference will bring the legal sector together to explore the ways in which disruptive change and emerging business models are reshaping law and legal institutions and how we can improve access to justice for all via technology.

Read more at Law and courts in an online world.

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