Summer Students Tackle COVID-19

Clockwise from top left: Chitrabhanu Gupta, Jinyue Song, Jayneel Vora, Archit Garg
UC Davis graduate students and their CRD mentors joined the COVID-19 response this summer. The group worked on a method that lets researchers use valuable health information stored in electronic records while also preserving patient privacy.

CRD Staff Co-Author 2020 Gordon Bell Prize Finalist Research Paper

Their new machine learning-based software package enhances molecular dynamics modeling, enabling more accurate models of larger systems that cover longer time periods.

Reimagining the Shape of Noise

University of Tennessee undergrad Elliot Perryman and CAMERA scientist Peter Zwart made headway this summer on a problem so perplexing that Zwart likens it to looking for a cat in a dark room.

NERSC Aids Lab Scientists in New Exploration of Higgs Boson Interactions

A new analysis supported by NERSC with key contributions from Berkeley Lab scientists bolsters the hypothesis that the Higgs boson interacts with muons, the heavier siblings of electrons.

Agarwal Named to California Water Data Consortium Steering Committee

Deb Agarwal, head of CRD's Data Science and Technology Department, is one of 11 members named to the inaugural steering committee of the California Water Data Consortium.

Zeekurity at ESnet

ESnet is experimenting with Zeek (nee Bro), implementing clusters of the security software on various WAN high-value points. The aim is to better understand network behavior and provide flexible security services. 

Ushizima Explores Using ML Algorithms to Screen Lung Images for COVID-19

At the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Academic Data Science Association, CRD's Dani Ushizima discussed early results of her work using computer vision to scan medical images of lungs to automatically identify lesions that could indicate COVID-19.


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Connecting more than 50 facilities and moving data 15,000 times faster than an average home network, @ENERGY's @ESnet high-speed network makes it possible for researchers to have a “supercomputer next door."
There's a new supercomputer coming to @NERSC in 2021 named Perlmutter, and we're looking for postdocs who want to help port data-intensive science apps to run on it. 
Supercomputer simulations @NERSC predict how E. coli adapts to heat and other environmental stresses @PNASNews #ScienceNeverSleeps
We're counting down to #exascaleday Oct. 18! DYK @BerkeleyLab staff are developing math models, algorithms, scientific codes & workflows to accelerate modeling & analysis of complex phenomena on next-gen Exascale #HPC?


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