Perlmutter Special

Perlmutter Debuts to Excitement, Anticipation

On May 27, NERSC formally unveiled the first phase of its next-gen supercomputer, Perlmutter. The new system is named in honor of the Lab’s Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter.

The dedication program featured distinguished speakers from the Department of Energy, University of California, the lab, vendors Nvidia and AMD, and the wider scientific community, including Dr. Perlmutter who released the first queue of jobs to run on the system.

In addition to the ceremony, Perlmutter was welcomed with a special website and a social media campaign featuring scientists excited to advance their research using the new system. A wide range of media covered Perlmutter's debut, including the Wall Street Journal. This special issue presents some highlights.

IntheLoop resumes its normal coverage next Wednesday, June 9.

Watch the Dedication Ceremony

If you missed the Perlmutter dedication ceremony, including remarks by Dr. Saul Perlmutter, a recording of the event is now available. 
Like the Zoom background? It's available for download.

Social Media Highlights

Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences
Screengrab of Katrin Heitmann in video.
WATCH: Why is @Argonne's Katrin Heitmann excited for @NERSC’s #Perlmutter supercomputer? She'll be using it to better understand the evolution + makeup of the universe and to probe the nature of #DarkEnergy.
Chuck Yoon
Why is @SLAClab's Chuck Yoon excited for @NERSC’s #Perlmutter supercomputer? He'll be using it to automate #LCLS workflows and perform data analysis in near real-time.
WATCH: Why is @BerkeleyLab's Axel Huebl (@axccl) excited for@NERSC’s #Perlmutter supercomputer? He will be using the system to design particle accelerators of the future.
Why is @BerkeleyLab's Brandon Wood (@bwood_m) excited for @NERSC’s #Perlmutter supercomputer? He'll be using it to push the limits of #DeepLearning on large materials datasets.
Screengrab of Revathi Jambunathan video.
WATCH: Why is @BerkeleyLab's @Revathi__Nathan excited for @NERSC’s #Perlmutter supercomputer? She'll use the system to better understand pulsars, the swiftly spinning remnant cores of core-collapse supernovae.
Congratulations to @BerkeleyLab and @NERSC on today’s launch of the “Perlmutter” supercomputer. Looking forward to the groundbreaking research that it will enable with @AMDServer 7003 Series processors!
Soon we fire up those GPUs! #WarpX is queued and ready. #BerkeleyLab90 #HPC #NERSC #Perlmutter
Excited to see two very well known @exascaleproject applications (Pele Combustion & WarpX) on the first set of science codes released by Dr. Saul Perlmutter on @NERSC's computation and data analysis driven #supercomputer; #Perlmutter.

Perlmutter In the News

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