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Posted on 11/29/2017 at 9:46am

 This year we traveled to Trevi which I found to be a hilltop village in Italy with an amazing forgotten history waiting to be discovered. Whispered Roman-era clues from the past shared that a navigable waterway in the valley linked this remote area and other villages in this Umbrian region to the metropolis of the city of Rome by large boats. That storied river is now only a narrow, gentle stream running lazily through the verdant valley and no longer can carry even a small canoe. Trevi still has very interesting architecture. As I look at the gigantic carved “rock” entryways to buildings that appeared perfectly designed with fine sculpted detail, I wondered, “How did our primitive ancestors in history create them and place them perfectly on this high mountain?” With my backpack heavy with painting supplies, I came upon one of these massive entryways..Continue reading this post

Plein Trevi, Oil on Linen 20"x16" Painted from life, with painting knives October 2017

Dear Artist friends, This story is for you, I know that you too have stories about when you decided to be an artist. This is mine. Both my father and my mother painted. Once they painted the same orchid from their wedding bouquet, and those amazingly beautiful but quite different oil paintings still hang in my Dad’s home. Five children caused their lives to take a different path. My cousin told me not long ago, that he remembered something my father said when I was still a little child after he asked me a dreaded question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I said, “An artist!” He hollered back, very mad at me, “No! You can not be an artist!” Continue reading this post

"Sought-after perfection can only be found in the “next” painting.

Artistic growth is a never-ending personal exploration of infinite possibilities." 

Sharon Rusch Shaver

Join us on this exciting Adventure! 
We would like to invite you to join us on this next exciting Adventure to Peru
    Tours of museums and an artist's studio in the heart of the modern colorful city of Lima, begins our stay, the next day, a short morning flight into the Andes mountains takes us to the beautiful, historic Inca city of Cusco; and then a short ride brings us to our comfortable accommodations for the next 8 nights, a small authentic Inca village located in the very heart of the Sacred Valley of Peru surrounded by the majestic mountains, where untouched quiet beauty opens it’s doors to us. 
     The ghosts of an historic powerful empire still lurk in the abandoned, massive-stone and earthen structures. The Peruvian people are descendants of their Spanish conquerors and their Inca ancestors. We look forward to sharing all this with our artist and adventurer friends. We will paint, photograph and explore the endless mystery that is Peru. Website
Paintings from Italy 2017
Join us on our next Adventure to Peru in 2018!
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