Supporting the Affordable Care Act and the Disability Community

This week Senate and House committees meet to discuss repealing the Affordable Care Act.​ For many with disabilities these discussions are not a matter of politics, but of life, quality of living, independence, and justice. 


In brief, the ACA has increased the quality of life for people with disabilities by:
  • ​Providing Medicaid expansion which has extended access to healthcare for many people with disabilities who were not previously covered.
  • Making it illegal for insurance companies to refuse coverage based on pre-existing conditions (read disabilities or chronic illness).
Anabaptist Disabilities Network’s Field Associate Rebekah Flores will herself be impacted if the ACA is repealed without a comprehensive replacement plan. Rebekah writes, “I can only afford to see my doctor and pay for my medications to treat my Multiple Sclerosis because of the Affordable Care Act.” 

“I can only afford to see my doctor and pay for my medications to treat my Multiple Sclerosis because of the Affordable Care Act.”​

ADN reaches out to you, asking that:

  1. You PRAY diligently for the leadership of our country as they make decisions on behalf of millions of vulnerable people. 
  2. You CONTACT your elected state officials (Senators and House Representatives) to express your support for affordable and comprehensive health care for people with disability. You can get contact information for Indiana legislators here.
  3. You SUPPORT those in your midst that depend on the ACA for health and wellness. Reach out and offer your presence and listening ear to those that are fearful and unsure right now. 
  4. IF you have benefitted from the ACA – bravely and courageously, SHARE YOUR STORY. With us, by email or on our Facebook page, and with others around you so that the broader population understands how many people’s lives depend on affordable and comprehensive health care coverage. 
  5. We hold prayerfully and tenderly this tedious and fearful time for the disability community.
    For more information, check out the ARC's publications. (The ARC is an organization supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.) 
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