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Projects developed in collaboration with IBC Finland amount to 5,5 million euro for industrial biotechnology

In the past two years, IBC Finland has collaborated with industry and academia to start four new projects. In 2015 the Steering Board of IBC Finland has decided to further develop project ideas that are related to new concepts for using biomass in biorefineries. The aim is to produce valuable chemicals in addition to fuels, power and heat.

Project news

LIVING FACTORIES: Synthetic Biology for a Sustainable Bioeconomy project secured funding from Tekes in August 2014. This project is lead by VTT and has been prepared in collaboration with IBC Finland. The goal of Living Factories is to realise the full potential of Synthetic Biology in Finland. Synthetic Biology is considered one of the key breakthrough technologies that will have a major impact on our future. It is based on the design and engineering of new-to-nature biological systems. It has great potential to generate novel industrial processes and products, and to serve as an inspiration for novel and visionary solutions for a sustainable biobased society. Read more...


Save the date for IBC Finland seminar on March 18, 2015. IBC Finland will organize a seminar at the ChemBioFinland exhibition. Seminar is titled Biotechnology as an Enabler in Bioeconomy and open to all. Our speakers include Dr. Hans-Peter Mayer, who is an expert in biotechnical manufacturing of chemicals. Dr. Mayer has recently retired from Lonza and is now consulting different companies and organizations. Also Dr. Mike Bedford, Research Director from ABVista, one of the strongest feed enzyme suppliers and Dr. Jussi Manninen from The The Ministry of Employment and the Economy will be speaking at the event. Read more...

The next IBC Ideamill will be held in April.

IBC Office Team

Dr. Heikki Laurila has been appointed the new Executive Officer in IBC Office. Heikki holds a PhD from ETH Zürich, and an MBA from IMD. Heikki has a long history in biotechnology and business consulting within life science and chemical industries.

Check our webpages for more information about the projects and coming events. We are always open for new ideas and collaborations.
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