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DOXA News May 2014 Edition
A letter from Andrew Schein , Board President
Growth, by definition, is a process of increasing in size.  Sometimes it’s rapid, sometimes it’s slow and steady.  Sometimes it’s painful, and sometimes it can be a welcomed surprise.  Nonetheless, growth is a process of change.  Of proving we aren’t stuck and that we have more to become.
The past few years have been years of growth for DOXA, both in the numbers and depth of the organization.  We have seen the number of house building groups increase. In 2015 we were able to build almost 50 new homes and in 2016 we are aiming to exceed 50! DOXA’s education program continues to thrive as enrolled students progress and new students enter the program each year. We built an addition to Casa Azul to accommodate this growth.  As the older students advance in school, they now have their own separate space for their studies. We have also begun to create some better practices around facilitating and supporting group leaders as they do the legwork to get their teams down to Tijuana. 
As we reflect on the past year, we must also plan for the future.  And for growth.  DOXA is finding an increased need to have a consistent presence for groups in San Diego, as they serve across the border, and to have more reliable processes for group leaders. 
It is with the above in mind that we are pleased to share that we have hired Alex Knopes as the new Executive Director of DOXA.  Alex has already begun to transition into this new position as of last month.  In December, he and his wife Katherine will be moving to San Diego.  As a former board member, Alex transitions into this role with full support of the current board members.  We know his passion and believe in his future vision for DOXA.  Alex will be on the ground in San Diego and Tijuana, actively overseeing the day-to-day activities and be available to groups before, during and after trips.
Alex Knopes is a Pacific Northwest Native, originally from Seattle, Washington. It was through Mercer Island Presbyterian Church where, as a high school student, Alex was first introduced to DOXA through a house building trip. It’s safe to say that experience had a major impact on him since after high school graduation he spent a year living in Tijuana at Casa Hogar de los Niños Orphanage. After soaking up the language, culture and multitude of friendships, he attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina where he met his wife, Katherine. His education continued at University of Denver in Colorado which then led him to his previous job as the Director of Education for the World Trade Center Denver.
Alex comes into this role after 7 years as a board member and being involved in the operations of DOXA. Alex has had a significant role in the establishment and success of DOXA’s education program. While this new role does present a big risk for Alex and Katherine, they believe it is something God has called them to undertake. Plus, Katherine’s from New Jersey, so Alex promised she’d feel right at home in San Diego with all the good beaches.   
“DOXA has been a facilitator of resources and rejuvenation from the United States into Mexico. Think about the 1500+ homes that DOXA groups have already built,” Alex said. “Not to mention DOXA has been a forum for spiritual growth and life-defining moments from Mexico to the United States.  Think about the thousands of mission trip participants.”
God has continued to develop and use DOXA as a two-way pipeline across the border for the mutual benefit of both populations. DOXA was at one time just house building, now we have various education programs and a community center. The organization is at a point where there is a need for someone working full time to grow it in accordance with God’s vision.  Alex is right for that job.
Eric Stelter has prayerfully decided to resign as a board member. This decision is met with mixed emotions from the remaining board members as it’s tough to see Eric leave, but there is no doubt of the positive impact Eric has had on DOXA.  His first house building trip was in 1991. He’s been a board member since DOXA’s inception in 1997, with many years spent as president of the board. He led DOXA through some significant operational decisions over the course of his tenure. His business savvy approach coupled with innovative fundraising ideas has left a mark in the DOXA history books. DOXA is a better organization because of Eric’s passion, dedication and longevity. It is with gratitude that DOXA wishes Eric the best on his next adventure.
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