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Coconut Wax Review

With the soy wax shortage going on this season, now is a great time to try our new coconut blend waxes.  Wax choices are not only confusing but can be overwhelming as well.  We narrowed our selection down to 3 different formulations and let us help you decide which is best for you.

What we love about coconut wax:
* Beautiful Color - from bright white to creamy and opaque
* Odorless - does not smell like coconuts
* Has a superior scent throw (both cold and hot)
* No frosting or bloom
* Single pour - no re-pour needed for smooth tops
* It's easy to work with - candles will have smooth tops at any pouring temp. 
* It burns longer and cleaner
* Great jar adhesion - jars do not need to be preheated
* Rich, deep colors can be achieved
* Burns nicely with most wicks
* No additives are required
* Holds up to 12% fragrance oil (we recommend 8-10%)

We used in our testing:
* 8 oz. Straight sided tumblers
* 6 oz. wax poured into each - leaves headroom for test burning
* Same wicks/color/fragrance oil used in all 3
* Candles were poured at 180 degrees in 72 degree room
* 2 drops of liquid candle dye per candle
* 10% fragrance oil load using:
     Vanilla (Blue)
     Pumpkin Spice (Orange)
     MacIntosh Apple (Red)
     Christmas Tree (Hunter Green)
     Lemongrass (Bright Yellow)
* Same wicking was used for all like color/scent candles
* Natural wicks were used - natural waxes typically prefer natural wicks
* Each candle was burned for 1 hour to determine hot throw, burn diameter and melt pool.
Overall observations:
* Each wax was creamy and opaque and had it's own shade of white.
* All waxes had a decent cold scent throw (how the candle smells before it is lit.
  - Best - IGI Coconut
  - Better - Easy Bead Coconut
  - Good - Original Coconut
* Hot scent throw seemed about the same for all waxes with none of them being superior over the other.
* All had comparable jar adhesion
Colors range from bright white to creamy.  All are opaque.
Meltpool acheived after 1 hour burn.
In Conclusion:
We literally have been working on coconut wax blends since this time last year to find just the right ones that not only make a great candle, are easy to use, look beautiful and smell great!  Looking through our test files, we have over 60 formulas total and we are happy to bring you these 3 finalists!

Coconut waxes have a better scent throw both cold and hot than soy waxes, they are whiter and colors are more vibrant.  All of them burned nicely right down to the end with very little soot ever when wicks were left very long during testing (you have to test all scenarios).

We think coconut waxes are here to stay and the next upcoming trend in candles! 
Candle Test Chart
Wax Specs: Advantages & Disadvantages:
IGI Coconut -
* Coconut/Paraffin blend
* 128 degree meltpoint
* brightest white
* best cold scent throw
* highest coconut content
* packaged in 25 lb. scoopable cubes
* highest price due to higher content of coconut used.

Easy Bead Coconut -
* Coconut/Soy/Veggie blend
* Only blend that is vegan
* creamy color
* packaged in easy to handle and measure 50 lb. soft bead cases
* most economical price.

Original Coconut -
* Coconut/Soy/Other wax blend
* packaged in easy to cut 5 lb. slabs
* Easiest to weigh and measure

*  All waxes melted down fast, has no coconut odor, and did not require repoours!
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