Perseid Meteor Shower


August 12th was the peak for the Perseid Meteor Shower in North America. For you night-owls, or early morning risers, you were privileged to observe some awe-inspiring sights as the streaking lights played across the sky. These lights were actually tiny debris remnants of the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet burning up in our atmosphere as the earth orbited into the comet's wake. Each streaking light is merely the size of a grain of sand, yet it makes that bright light we call a "shooting star". As I stared up into the sky and watched the display of lights on that moonless night, I couldn't help but think of verses in the Bible about stars. I was reminded of how magnificent our God is, how awesome He is, and the privilege to observe the wonders of His creation.

Isaiah 40:26 says: "Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these? He who brings out their host by number, calling them all by name, by the greatness of his might, and because he is strong in power not one is missing.

And then, in Psalm 147:4 "He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names."

God can count the stars, he has named them each one by one!

What a joy to be in the moonless night, hearing the crickets and cicadas, allowing my eyes to adjust to the darkness and with each passing minute, to see more and more of those named stars. I was also reminded how each of us is to shine like the stars as a testimony to the world (Philippians 2:15b).

When was the last time YOU gazed at the stars? No smartphone in your hand, no lights on, and maybe not even any conversation with those near you--just lay there and look up to the Heavens...and be in awe of the One who created all of them. Then, realize, we have the privilege to care for His creation and to shine the light of Jesus in all we do!

Shine like (soccer) stars

Most Saturday nights, I play pick-up soccer with 23 other men at a field in Knoxville. They come from Egypt, Algeria, Congo, Iraq, Guatemala, Colombia, Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, China, and Mexico, to name a few. It is truly a diverse group of athletes. Some of these men come to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee; others are refugees; others are just looking for a better life. A good friend of mine from our church here in Maryville (the other white guy in the picture), who is from Romania, joins me on Saturday nights as we seek to be a light. The Lord has opened up doors to befriend many of these men and to share the hope we have in Christ. Our prayer is for the Lord to continue opening their hearts as we interact with them on a regular basis.

Ministry Trip with Brazilian University Leadership

This past month I've been working with the leadership of the Brazilian University I spoke at in June. I am helping them plan a trip to the USA to visit several universities in California in September. Their goal is to strengthen their institutional confession of faith by learning from these American universities. I'll be with them for the week, translating as needed, but also continuing to develop a deeper relationship with them as well as with Biola, Azusa Pacific, and Point Loma Universities. Please pray for fruitful conversations and strong relationships be be developed.

Lilianna Injury Update

Two weeks ago, Lilianna had her spika cast removed. We are thankful it's off, but as expected, her leg muscles had atrophied and it was hard for her to move at first. She has been doing physical therapy to regain the use of her legs and spending many hours swimming to help with strength and coordination. Each day is less painful, and she is already starting to walk on her own, though slowly. Please pray that she would continue to heal and that there would be no long term complications. 

Change for Becky

Many of you know that Becky works as a nurse several shifts a month to supplement our support. Since we moved to TN she has worked at the local community hospital but two weeks ago she started a new position at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. We are grateful to the Lord for opening the door for this job, which will hopefully allow her to have more time at home focused on homeschooling our kids. Please pray for Becky as she orients on different units and also for me, Ben, and the kids to serve her in the best way we can during this transition time.
Thank you to all of you on behalf of our family for praying for us, supporting us, and being a part of what God is doing around the world through your investment in His Kingdom. We appreciate you!

Ben, for Becky, Caleb, Samuel, David, and Lilianna.
This was David's Graduation from Kindergarten this past May.
From left to right: Caleb (10), Becky, David (6), Lilianna (4), Ben, Samuel (8).
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