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Significance of Easter this year

This year, Easter held even more significance for our family since it fell on April 21st, the 12th anniversary of when our first son, Noah, went to be with Jesus. He was 15 ½ months old and would have been 13 years old this year. You can read more about his wonderful life here. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 tells us that because Jesus died and rose again, we don’t have to grieve like those who have no hope. If we believe in Jesus and His work on the cross (which we do), we will meet Him, as well as all those who went before us, including Noah. What a blessing to worship on Easter remembering the hope we have in eternity. Are YOU confident in this hope? 

Family News

Caleb broke his left pinkie finger playing catch a few weeks ago. He doesn't look too sad for his first broken bone but it has made school challenging not having the use of his dominant hand! 
Our kids loved our home-school co-op's "Field Day". Lilianna's smile tells how the day went. She is excited to start Kindergarten. In the fall we will be teaching K, 2nd, 4th and 6th!
Caleb and Samuel participated in the local 4-H High Precision BB Gun shooting tournaments this winter/spring. This is Caleb's 2nd year, and Samuel's first. They are enjoying it!
David loves playing soccer, basketball, climbing trees, and just about anything active. The kids all played soccer this spring and did home-school swim lessons. We have kept them moving!

Speaking Engagements

In March, I (Ben) spoke at our church youth group's annual Mission 1:27 which is based on James 1:27 in the Bible. The teens raised money in March for our church's partner church in Kenya that cares for orphans in a poor community. Then the youth came together for a weekend of fasting, prayer, worship, and local community service projects. They broke their fast Saturday evening with a meal celebrating what God had done. I was privileged to be able to speak to the teens and challenge them how they can demonstrate and declare the Gospel in their sphere of influence and around the world.
Speaking at Maryville Christian School
I also had the opportunity to speak on May 2nd, to the seniors at Maryville Christian School about my faith, my calling to missions, and how God uses different situations and events in our lives for His kingdom. The next day I spoke in both middle school and high school chapels about our God-given role to care for creation, and practical ways we can do that.

Remembering Francis Schaeffer

This week (May 15th) marks the 35th anniversary of the death of Francis Shaeffer, a well known Christian theologian and philosopher. He wrote a book entitled Pollution and the Death of Man. In it, he delves into our God-given roles as stewards of creation and explains how we have missed the mark as Christ followers. He then helps us understand the environmental crisis of the day, its roots, and its solutions by turning to Scripture. He argues that any attempt to solve our crises without the foundation of Scripture and a basis for morality will always lead to Pantheism. His argument remains true and his book is still a great read 49 years after publication. Pick up a copy at your local library, or on Amazon.

Ministry Trip to Guatemala

Each year, I have a couple of research trips planned overseas, but they often depend on having enough participants signed up. One of those trips is to Guatemala at the end of June. This trip will be unique in that I will be with a TEAM missionary couple who has been running an aquaponics system in Zimbabwe for the last 6 years. They have felt their time come to a close in Zimbabwe and are looking into where the Lord wants them to go next. We will be exploring ministry opportunities for them in Guatemala, as well as other creation care opportunities they, or others, could begin as we seek to bring Christ to the spiritually and physically hungry. There are two other trips already in the pipeline as well: La Paz, Mexico in September and Chad in January 2020. I would appreciate your prayers for the preparation of all these trips, the research done while there as well as for a time of deep spiritual impact for the participants. May the Lord call some of them to return to the mission field full-time!

We are so thankful for your prayers and partnership; we could not serve without you!

For the Kingdom,
Ben, Becky, Caleb, Samuel, David, and Lilianna Bacheller.
Partner with us in this work!
Partner with us in this work!
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