March 2014


AAUW Colorado E-Network  

Since the 1900's International Women's Day has been a celebration of where we have come and a look forward into the many changes still being made. We hope you can spend today remembering all of the women who have made an impact on your life and how you can be a part of changing the future for women to come. Read about 5 women who inspire AAUW by clicking here
AAUW Colorado e-Network Quote of the Month
"Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry." Gloria Steinem
AAUW Colorado eNetwork Updates
Membership: Calling all first-timers!!
Never been an AAUW member? Now is the time!
Starting March 16, join AAUW and get 3 months free! That's 15 months of membership for the regular annual price!
You'll be one of 150,000 members working to make issues of importance to women and girls visible. Receive AAUW's research publications, and keep up to date on legislation. Be a part of making history--join the AAUW Colorado eNetwork branch! See more info on membership here, including the types and rates. Plus, as a first time member, you can also take half off the membership rate if you join between March 16 and March 26, as part of our recruitment drive to 'Shape the Future' for a vibrant and growing branch of AAUW. That makes a typical membership only $44.50. Graduate students pay less, and college student rates are as low as free! Won't you join us during this Ten Days to the Future? First-time (or two-year-lapsed!) members--choose your rate, complete the form at our website, then return to our webpage and click the PayPal Donate button to pay by entering your half-off amount.


Through the generosity of Eugenia McClure, a long-time member of the Grand Junction branch of AAUW, our branch has been awarded a grant of $500. The purpose of this grant is to support projects that enhance the mission of AAUW. With this grant, we’ll purchase a one-year subscription to AdobeConnect, enabling our quarterly programs to reach at least 100 Colorado women. Watch for these upcoming quarterly webinars on issues of importance to women and girls. We also hope to collaborate with Colorado AAUW leadership to offer virtual trainings to AAUW branches.


Are you an AdobeConnect user? If you'd like to help manage our meetings, trainings, and webinars from behind the scenes, let Jae know at We'd welcome additional expertise, or even committed curiosity--one time or all year long--to make this a widely used tool.

AAUW National & State Updates
 AAUW of Colorado Co-Sponsors Colorado Women's Legislative Breakfast
An auditorium full of women interested in public policy met for breakfast on February 25, surrounded by strong, smart leaders who reminded us that one of the easiest, but oft-forgotten, ways we can help women advance is to support one another. Rep. Rhonda Fields (Aurora-D) encouraged us to just do it--get involved, follow an issue, find our cause to champion, or run for office. One person really can make a difference. The process of fundraising can be a barrier to women's participation in the legislature--Rep. Brittany Petterson (Arvada-D) spent $140,000 on her first statehouse race. Fundraising is a barrier we can help women overcome, Denver Deputy Mayor Cary Kennedy reminded the crowd.
The Colorado Women's Legislative Breakfast has offered this legislative synopsis and morning of learning and action for twenty-five years, all supported through volunteers like AAUW of Colorado's Lindy Reed and the support of dozens of sponsors like AAUW leader Amy Blackwell's Blackwell Communications. To get involved in next year's event, contact 9to5's Bridget Kaminetsky at

AAUW State Convention
AAUW of Colorado will hold its annual convention April 25-26 in Lakewood, CO. This will be a great chance to catch up with AAUW of Colorado members, hear about the exciting work going on around the state, and meet the incoming board members.Please join us for presentations on Marie Curie and the exceptional story of Susie Van Scoyk, principal of Alameda International High School and an AAUW fellow. We will also have presentations and reports from AAUW members and staff.
Questions about this event can be sent to Laurel Seppala-Etra or Elnore Grow.