June 2013

AAUW Colorado E-Network  

AAUW Colorado eNetwork Updates

What to do with your summer...
Get Involved!
Equal Pay Act 50th Anniversary on June 10th!
Make your voice heard by becoming two-minute acitivist, using your social media as a tool to spread awareness, and reaching out to local media. Visit  for more information!

Are you a member? VOTE in the AAUW National Election before June 10th. Click here to vote today!

eNetwork Women's Summer Book Club
Women, readers and leaders! The new Colorado all-virtual branch of American Association of University Women invites you to our summer book club and monthly discussions. Read one, read them all, and settle in by your computer with a glass of wine on the remaining three summer evenings to enjoy our one-hour online chats.

June- The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
Slave-My True Story by Mende Nazer

Women & Work-Life Balance: Can We Have it All?
This question was posed to 10 women in various positions around the country. Their responses were extremely varied and each story identifies a different struggle in this debate. As one of AAUW’s action issues, we would like to open up the conversation for you all to give your story and advice to others who may be in a similar situation.
How do you define “having it all” and what strategies do you use to achieve it?
Click here to read the CNN article, 10 Views: Our Struggle to ‘have it all’
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AAUW Colorado e-Network Member Profile
Kathy Thornhill

Profession: Academic Advisor
How did you get involved with AAUW: I am passionate about empowering women and this organization is very in line with my personal and professional values.
Best advice you have for university women: Be yourself, take chances, use your voice.
Hobbies/Volunteer Work: hiking, playing with my dogs, baseball.
Favorite Quote: When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.
Paulo Coelho

AAUW National Updates
New Community Colleges Research Report— A Great Recruitment Resource
AAUW’s latest research report, Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success, launched with a panel discussion on May 21 that featured community college leaders and a student mother. The report is a great opportunity to recruit and retain student members and AAUW college/university partners :: Equal Pay Act 50th Anniversary June 10th ::
Vote for AAUW Nationals by June 10th :: Check out the National Election Voter's Guide for 2013 on the website:: Don't forget to check out AAUW's national blog