January 2015


AAUW Colorado E-Network

Happy New Year from your AAUW Colorado eNetwork! 
Many of you may be creating resolutions and looking forward to all of the exciting things to come in 2015. Some may also be remembering all of the memories from 2014. Let's take a moment and look back at the women who founded the organization we are a part of today. Click here for the story of Ellen Swallow Richards, one of the founders of AAUW.  
AAUW Colorado e-Network
Quote of the Month

“Be First And Be Lonely.” 
-Ginni Rometty, Chairwoman and CEO of IBM
AAUW Colorado eNetwork Updates

Attend Mentoring to a Higher Wage
on January 12th at 6:50pm,

click here to join the webinar!

Join our leadership team!
The eNetwork has a few openings on our Coordinating Council for 2015. If you’re looking for a way to contribute your talents to the advancement of our innovative online-only programming for women, we’d love to hear your ideas. Reach out!

Expand Your Online Skills
Colorado eNetwork is offering you the chance to learn more about Adobe Connect for free. If you’ve ever wondered how to host an online webinar, this tool is an expansive array of ways to connect remotely with others.
Maybe you’ve attended a webinar and wondered how the ‘other side’ of the program worked, or need to add this skill to your resume. Well, now you can! Sign up for one of these weekly one-hour trainings, such as Adobe Connect Meeting & Adobe Presenter. Register at , and enter AAUW Colorado eNetwork as the company.
Want to check it out first? Read some general snippets and see screenshots of the tool at . Also, watching a few two-minute mini-trainings can help you understand how to get started, share webinar content, act as a presenter, and use some of the Adobe Connect features at .
Build your professional toolkit, and invest in your own learning. Check out this great opportunity and let us know if you’ve registered for a training by emailing

AAUW State & National Updates

Upcoming AAUW National Deadlines
January 15: Deadline for Community Action Grant applications. Best-value rate for the 2015 AAUW National Convention ends.
January 20: Selected Professions Fellowship application deadline.
January 26: National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) registration opens.


Check out more information about Public Policy Day and the AAUW Strategic Plan here!
Visit Colorado AAUW's News page for quarterly bulletins and news.

Register now for the 2015 AAUW National Convention in sunny San Diego, before best-value rates expire on January 15. Convention is custom tailored with next-level tools, tips, and trainings for AAUW member leaders like you. Plus, you’ll be able to reconnect with other members and supporters from across the country, gain new inspiration from speakers and awardees, and take advantage of exclusive tours of San Diego. Don’t wait to join the wave: Register today before it’s too late!
Gearing Up for Equal Pay Day

Take action to close the gender wage gap in your community this April by planning to host a $tart $mart salary negotiation workshop for local college women. All across the country, AAUW branches will be hosting $tart $mart workshops in recognition of Equal Pay Day on April 14, which is the symbolic day when women’s earnings will “catch up” to men’s earnings from the year before. You’ll be able to raise awareness about the gender wage gap and empower college women to overcome these compensation disparities by negotiating for fair and equitable salaries and benefits. Everything you need to know to host a workshop can be found in the How to Bring a Salary Negotiation Training to Your Campus resource.