Mission: To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.
Fall Leadership Conference
August 23-24, 2019
Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood
Join us for Fall Leadership Conference! This is the time for branch and state leaders/members to interface and network. This year we will be focusing on the Strategic Plan and examining ways that branches can pursue AAUW mission-related activities.  All branch and state members are welcome to attend. For detailed information on the 2019 Fall Leadership Conference, go to AAUW of Colorado to access registration forms, program schedule, and hotel accommodation summary. 

OR...Click on the following links for Fall Leadership Conference information:

Program Agenda

Mail-in Registration Form
Online Registration Form
  • Early Conference Registration Deadline: August 3
  • Late Conference Registration Deadline: August 10
  • No Refund After August 10
Hotel Accommodations
Hotel Deadline: Noon, July 23, 2019 for conference rate

President's Notes
Stormy McDonald
It’s July, and our AAUW fiscal year is gone! We have many AAUW officers to thank for all they’ve done this year to help us be more informed and proactive. It’s the time of outgoing/incoming board members reviewing and beginning plans for the coming year. Our National AAUW Boards are in that focused mode right now too.

Many of us enjoyed meeting and hearing our CEO Kim Churches last August at Fall Leadership Conference. She told us of many new plans coming up and also asked us to do a few things.

Have you registered for the Work Smart course online? Kim Churches said this month that only 25,000 have completed it. We need you to register and promote it! We are looking for at least 100,000 taking this course. Kim asked each of us to take it! Even if you think you don’t need it – you can learn what it has to offer others and can more readily ask others to take it for their benefit. Remember, this course can help girls and women achieve equity and be more financially secure now and in their retirement. That is our focus!
In a May 21 conference call, Kim spoke about key updates to AAUW’s budget and operations. The 58 minute presentation can be found here.  Access it with your membership ID. She was as personable to hear online as she was last August when she was here with us. 

Communications are key to many things. Our state website and Facebook page will reflect the information you make available to us – calendar items, branch events, photos... and your 2019-20 boards will be listed on the branches’ leadership lists - if you have sent them to me.  

Our Fall Leadership Conference is in the works. Register as soon as possible so we can best plan for your needs.

Summer to-do list: Renew membership, make an unrestricted donation to AAUW Funds, promote WorkSmart, register for Fall Leadership Conference 
We are Together in Mission! 
Stormy McDonald
Strategic Focus Areas

Education and Training 
 “Scholarships, Girls and Women: Look at What AAUW of Colorado Has Accomplished This Year”
Carolyn Cooley and Paula Munger
It has been a productive year for AAUW and its branches in the amount of scholarships and funds given to support young women in furthering their education and encouraging them in STEM and other fields. Check out the data below:
Aurora: $7,000 for local scholarships
Boulder: $3,000 for three graduate scholars
Colorado Springs: $7,200 for local scholarships
Douglas County: $2,000 for 4 STEM awards to outstanding senior high school girls 
Durango: $2,000 for non-traditional students + $500 for female student leader in Village Aid Project
Fort Collins: $3,500, 5 scholarships: 2 HS grads, Legacy 2019 grad,  2 CSU juniors 
Grand Junction: $10,000 for non-traditional female students
Gunnison: $2,400 for non-traditional female student 
Lakewood: $500 contribution to Boulder EYH STEM workshop
Littleton-South Metro: $2,000 for STEM high school senior girls
Longmont: $2,500
Loveland: $4,000 for graduate scholarships to local women

This totals to over $44k given in scholarships this past year. We can all be so proud of our efforts to support AAUW Education and Training objectives!
This year Boulder Branch hosted the 25th "Expand Your Horizons" workshop to encourage middle school girls in STEM. 60 volunteers helped with this exciting program. Way to go Boulder!
Littleton-South Metro Branch supported the GESTEM (Girls Exploring Science Technology Engineering Math) program where ~1000 7th grade girls participated in a day of hands-on STEM workshops. 
In 2019, Colorado Springs Branch awarded six scholarships to local women totaling $7,200. (Photo courtesy of William J. Dagendesh, Piles Peak Newspapers.)
"AAUW of Colorado Gives NCCWSL Scholarship to Annessa Bryant" 
Bev Dare and Annessa Bryant

Congratulations to Annessa Bryant who was selected as a NCCWSL scholarship winner by AAUW of Colorado. Annessa attended the conference May 29 – June 1, 2019 at the University of Maryland, in College Park. She is currently finishing her BS in Accounting at Colorado Mesa University. She is President of her college AAUW affiliate, and active in the Grand Junction Branch. Colorado members had a chance to meet Annessa when she attended Fall Leadership Conference in 2018 and State Convention in 2019. Her outgoing personality and positive attitude were apparent at both events and made her an exceptional representative of AAUW of Colorado. 

In Annessa's own words.... "First off, I would like to thank  AAUW State Board for the scholarship to enjoy the four day National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. It was liberating and empowering to be around approximately 1000 women there for the same cause, fostering  equity through education, philanthropy and research. Girls attended from coast to coast (Hawaii even!).  Kim Churches and I greeted each other with a hug during the welcoming ceremony. She remembered me from the 2018 Fall Conference and thanked the AAUW state for their support as well as for allowing me to attend. I had the opportunity to meet Senior Vice President Gloria Blackwell as well. I thanked them both for hosting such an event that encourages collegiate female leaders. I then proceeded to invite them to Colorado to share our admiration for AAUW. During the panels the panelists answered our questions with detail and grace. The workshops were very hands-on and educational. As days went on more relationships were made and networks were established. My hope is that many girls from our great state of Colorado will be able to attend NCCWSL. I will be sure to take this experience back to my campus to invite more girls for this great opportunity that I just experienced. I will be telling more of my experience and sharing photos at the 2019 Fall Conference, so I hope to see you there!"
Annessa Bryant at 2019 NCCWSL Conference...Thanks to Annessa for her Facebook posts from NCCWSL.
Annessa at State Convention.

Economic Security
"What One Branch is Doing..."
Kathy Hall

In 2017, Longmont branch began pursuing the Start Smart salary negotiation program for Front Range Community College. To get things started several members trained as facilitators; we received a $500 Eugenia McClure Grant from the state; Front Range paid for the license; and we put together promotional materials. With everything in place, we began scheduling classes. The hardest part was to find a time when young women would be willing and able to attend workshops, as they are generally all working, commuter students. We’ve held full workshops in late afternoon and worked with Women’s Study instructors to offer shortened workshops that fit into their 75-minute class period. Front Range is very welcoming to this program, but it has been a challenge to get this material into the hands of many deserving young women.

We continue to look at ways to reach women with salary negotiation workshops throughout our community. Once again, this fall we will present workshops at Front Range.  We are also going to focus on presenting a Start Smart workshop at the OUR Center where classes are offered to women on the path to self-sufficiency.  In addition, branch members are going to approach the City of Longmont, Longmont Community Foundation and Longmont Area Chamber to determine the level of interest in presenting group online Work Smart sessions that our branch is willing to host.  Our branch is committed to getting the “salary negotiation” word out, but it has proved to be a challenge.
Front Range students in Start Smart Course.
"Aligning Your Money with Your Values - Wrap up from State Convention"
Susan Brodie
We know that women seek to ensure their economic security by the choices they make during their lives at home, at school, at work and when planning for retirement.  Two speakers, both financial planners, who spoke at State Convention gave the audience many insights into how women can think about those choices differently and make better ones. As we advocate for gender equity in all economic areas from equal  pay to smart retirement planning, we need to know these new ideas even if we have already left the workforce and are managing our own retirement.  We can help new generations make good decisions. 

Addie McHale shared her Mom’s experience as she lost her retirement savings to an advisor she trusted. She picked up the pieces with the help of her daughter.  The likelihood of a woman needing to be independent and in control of her own finances at some point in her later life is very high.  Women must know how to love themselves with regard to money creating safety and security for themselves.

Wendi Strom shared ways that women work, spend, and invest differently. Women tend to spend fewer years in the workforce. They tend to live longer which means they can also work longer. They may take more concern for family welfare and deplete their own savings. The most important information Wendi gave was her observation that women have a hard time talking about their money issues or financial challenges. Women feel embarrassed about lack of money savvy or past bad decisions. But, for whatever reasons we don’t talk about money, we need to because it will help us grow and learn about ways for our families and ourselves to take control of our Own Economic Security as long as we live.
Addie McHale and Wendi Strom at State Convention.
Susan Brodie moderating Economic Security panel at state convention.

Public Policy
The Public Policy Committee established the 2019 Colorado AAUW Legislative Agenda documented on our website. This agenda had five bills on the “active” list where we actively supported four bills and opposed one.  We had ten bills to which we added our support (nine) or opposition (one) but did not work on actively.  In addition, we had a list of “bills of interest” that might have been of interest to our members.

Supported bills - Passed and Signed into Law

  • HOUSE BILL 19-1032 - Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • HOUSE BILL 19-1051 - Human Trafficking
  • SENATE BILL 19-149 - Human Trafficking
  • SENATE BILL 19-085 - Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • SENATE BILL 19-188 as amended, Family & Medical Leave Ins Program 
  • SENATE BILL 19-007 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct on Higher Ed Campuses
The major accomplishment in Public Education in 2019 was passage of Mandatory Free Full Day Kindergarten. This passed as part of the 2019-2020 FY budget adoption. AAUW has a long history of supporting legislation for Full Day Kindergarten – Passed and signed into Law.

The final wrap-up of the 2019 Legislative Agenda can be found here.
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Board of Directors
July 2019 - 2020
The Board of Directors, reflecting the elections at the Annual Meeting in April, is listed below. For contact information, refer to the AAUW of Colorado website under the Members only Center, Directories.

President: Stormy McDonald (Lakewood and Littleton-South Metro)
President Elect: Paula Munger (Colorado Springs)
Program VPs: Susan Brodie (Littleton-South Metro) and Diane Fuchs (Lakewood)

Membership VPs: Eileen Young (State) and Terry Campbell Caron (Aurora)

Secretary: Kimberly Lourenco (Boulder)

Treasurer: Kathy Singer (Grand Junction)

AAUW Funds Director: Barb McDaniel (Littleton-South Metro)

Public Policy Co-Directors: Sally Mathewson (Colorado Springs) and Gail Wilson (Littleton-South Metro)

Bylaws Chair: Jill Smith (Littleton-South Metro)

Communications Co-Chairs: Kathy Hall (Longmont) and Carolyn Cooley (Littleton-South Metro)

Interbranch Council Chair: Currently Karen McIntosh (Fort Collins); new Chair announced in July, 2019

Nominating Committee Chair: Virginia Brown
AAUW Aligns Its Funds and Giving With the Strategic Plan
AAUW has aligned its Funds with the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan lays out a bold vision for the future. By giving to the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund or the strategic focus areas, you can make that vision a reality.

In this and all future Bulletins and on the state website, we will have a Donate to AAUW button to allow you easy access to giving to support AAUW's mission and Strategic Plan. Check it out below.
Donate to AAUW
Bylaws Update
Jill Smith, State Bylaws Chair
I wanted to inform you about the changes made to the State Bylaws at our state convention in Longmont on Saturday, April 27th.
As you know, when national and/or states amend their bylaws, branches are required to do the same. There are really only 2 sections that you will want to check in your branch's bylaws to conform with these state changes.
One, with the change in National Dues (no longer offering 1/2 price dues January 1- March 15), our state membership voted to discontinue the same offer for state dues. YOU MUST CHANGE THAT SECTION IN YOUR BYLAWS (by the way, not requiring a vote from your members) and YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO ALIGN THAT CHANGE WITH YOUR BRANCH'S DUES (that would require a vote from your members).
Two, you may want to check the language in your Treasurer's job responsibilities. Our Littleton-South Metro branch used the same language as state "be bonded
and insured...". As explained for the state change, being bonded is an individual thing and NO TREASURER in recent history has been bonded. So, again, YOU MAY WANT TO CHANGE THAT PART OF YOUR BYLAWS and even consider the insurances your branch has for protection to say, as in the amended state language: "purchase and maintain adequate insurance to protect the Affiliate....."

Please send to me your proposed changes as that is the procedure outlined in our state bylaws (check the Information Sheet provided to you at the IBC meeting and explained at our Annual Meeting on April 27th).
If you are continuing as president you will want to put this on your "agenda" for the new year. If you are an outgoing president, please give the information to the incoming president so that she can follow up with it in her new term. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM EACH OF YOUR BRANCHES!!
Branch Reports

Branch Reports for Fall 2019 are provided on the state website. There you can click on the specific branch of interest for the report.

Wanted: Archivist/Historian
AAUW of Colorado is looking for a new Archivist. The duties of this position are as follows:
  • Serve as the liaison for the state archives held in the Denver Public Library. 
  • Serve as consultant to the state and branches on archival materials and research data as requested. 
  • Promote the safe retention of material which will be of use to state and branch organizations and to researchers. 
  • Collect archival material at state meetings and from state and branch officers for inclusion in the archival holdings. 
  • Solicit branch newsletters and member rosters. 
  • File historical data as directed by the President and/or the Board of Directors. 
  • Monitor the collection on Denver Public Library’s website to make certain donated material is properly catalogued.
If you are interested in this position, click here to leave a message for Stormy McDonald.
In Memoriam
Julie Reagan
February 29, 1940 - April 20, 2019

Julie Reagan was a charter member of AAUW in Douglas County. She was very active on the board for 42 years. In the words of her friend, Peggy SerVaas, Julie was "our history, our memory, our task master, albeit a gentle one...we owe Julie a debt of gratitude for her vision of our community outreach work, our connectivity and tolerance, and our deep friendships."
Fleta W. Nockels
September 14, 1930 - November 3, 2019

Fleta Nockels is remembered as one of the founding mothers of Douglas County AAUW in 1977. She  was an activist, involved in many different aspects of the community. In addition to being the first Douglas County AAUW Branch President, she served as President of the Douglas County Federation of Teachers and the Colorado Federation, and she was active in the historical society and her church.

July 28, 2019, 45th Art in the Park, Legion Park, Grand Junction 9:00 am-4:00 pm

August 1, 2019, Eugenia McClure Grant Application Deadline 
August 23 - 24, 2019, Fall Leadership Conference, Holiday Inn Lakewood
  • Early Conference Registration Deadline: August 3
  • Late Conference Registration Deadline: August 10
  • No Refund After August 10
  • Hotel Deadline: Noon, July 23, 2019 for conference rate

January 15, 2020, Legacy in Leadership Award Nominations Deadline

February 1, 2020, Public Policy Day, Holiday Inn Lakewood

March 15, 2020, Sanderson Young Leader Award Nominations Deadline 

June 19-21, 2020 Regional Conference, Hilton, Fort Collins
Join AAUW’s Legal Advocacy Fund on July 25, 2019, from 5–6 p.m. ET as we review several significant decisions reached by the U.S. Supreme Court during the October 2018 term. We’ll analyze the recent cases that impact our most fundamental rights and AAUW priorities. Click here to receive call-in information shortly before the call.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel reservations at the Fort Collins Hilton can be made by calling 970-482-2626 and requesting American Association of University Women conference room block. The guest code is AUW. Online hotel reservations may be made by clicking here.
Hotel accommodation reservation deadline for discounted rate:
May 19, 2020
Branches: To make sure that we have your latest information for the Bulletin, State Facebook and State Website, please send current information to your Communications Co-chairs, Carolyn Cooley and Kathy Hall  (click here to leave a message)
NCCWSL Photos from Annessa Bryant
American Association of University Women (AAUW)

In principle and practice, AAUW values and seeks diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or class. 

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