November 2013

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Restrictions to Women's Rights Around the World
Although we continue to strive for equality in our own communities many women around the world are continuing to face restrictions. An article written by Caitlin Dewey in the National Post on October 27th features "7 Ridiculous Restrictions on Women's Rights Around the World." Below are some of the restrictions mentioned. Visit for more information and an intriguing map of a gender gap index.

1. India (some parts): Road safety rules don’t apply to women.
2.  Yemen: A woman is considered only half a witness.
3. Saudi Arabia and Vatican City: Women can’t vote... still.
4. Yemen: Women can’t leave the house without their husbands’ permission.

5.  Saudi Arabia: Women can't drive.

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AAUW Colorado e-Network Member Profile
Mary Hassler
Profession:  Self-Employed – Bookkeeping Business
How did you get involved with AAUW: I got involved in AAUW when a friend of my mother’s took me to a meeting in 1975. When I moved to Colorado I joined the Boulder Branch to meet new people.
Best advice you have for university women: Study what you love
Hobbies/Volunteer Work: My hobbies are creating and studying all types of needlework, excel spreadsheets & reading.  I am chairman of the Expanding Your Horizons Conference for middle schools girls held at the University of Colorado Engineering Center every February to interest the girls in STEM careers. Last year we had 300 girls attend, many of them from under-served areas, and had an additional 300 volunteers, college guides, presenters and adults participate. Our next conference is scheduled for 2/22/14.
Favorite Quote: "I don't want to brag or make anyone jealous but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school" and
“It’s up to the women” by Eleanor Roosevelt.
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Did you know that women are more likely than men to attend community college on the way to earning a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field? AAUW’s new research report, Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success, explores the important role of community colleges for women in STEM. Want to help introduce women to STEM at your local community college? This year’s Campus Action Project grants focus on the report’s recommendations. Apply today and help empower women near you!

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