July 2013

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eNetwork Women's Summer Book Club
Women, readers and leaders! The new Colorado all-virtual branch of American Association of University Women invites you to our summer book club and monthly discussions. Read one, read them all, and settle in by your computer with a glass of wine on the remaining two summer evenings to enjoy our one-hour online chats.

July 18th- Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
August 13th- Slave-My True Story
by Mende Nazer

Top Leadership Lessons from Women in Power 
Jenna Goudreau, a writer for Forbes and a keynote at the 11th annual Sustaining Women in Business conference, presented the following 8 leadership lessons from her experiences and conversations with women in power. Click here to read the stories that led to the following tips!
  1. Stay Determined: Focus on what you want and achieve it!
  2. Be Courageous: This does not mean you must be fearless, challenge your fears and grow.
  3. Think Bigger: The only way to have a big impact is to think big!
  4. Take Calculated Risks: Always be aware of all possible outcomes before taking risks. Big risks can provide big rewards but only if you take the time to understand the outcome and the risk involved.
  5. Remain Disciplined: Keep focused on areas where you can have the greatest effect in leadership and in your career.
  6. Hire Smart: Surround yourself with diversity, be open to varying perspectives, and listen!
  7. Manage Your Career: Plan where you are going, what you need to get there and analyze your current situation to see if it will offer those benefits.
  8. Delegate At Work And At Home: Trust those offering help and utilize them.

AAUW Colorado e-Network
Member Profile
Danielle Norris
Profession: MBA Student at Northeastern University, Entrepreneur and Grassroots Activist
How did you get involved with AAUW:I was never much of a feminist until I took Intro to Women's Studies and watched a video about FGM (it seems like forever ago now). Something just clicked, I could not just stand by and let so many human rights issues happen without doing anything. My junior year of my undergraduate degree I set out to do a little grassroots activism and was looking for a women's activist group on campus and stumbled upon an AAUW flier. AAUW's mission was exactly what I was looking for and I have been hooked ever since.
Best advice you have for university women: Keep strong and don't get dragged down when stereotypes send you in the wrong direction. Find a group of friends that support your activist lifestyle and keep them close. Never follow, always lead.
Hobbies/Volunteer Work: I love to read!! Depending on the books length and my class schedule I like to get at least one book in each week. I also am a huge exercise enthusiast, trying to get a few spin classes in each week.
Favorite Quote: "It’s not easy, but doing something important—and great—rarely is!"

Get to know Danielle a bit more as she facilitates our July 18th book discussion!

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