January 2014

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Girl Day
February 20, 2014
DiscoverE is the starter of Girl Day  "a movement that shows girls how creative and collaborative engineering is and how engineers are changing our world." ( With only 13% of professional engineers being women DiscoverE focuses on providing educational opportunities to girls in relation to engineering that may open up opportunities in the future. AAUW is also getting involved in this neat event by hosting a Battle of the Plans Contest. Teachers can submit their lesson plans that make engineering relevant to a subject. For more information visit the AAUW Girls Day Page or the DiscoverE website about different ways to volunteer.
AAUW Colorado e-Network Member Profile
Amy Blackwell
A.A., Craven Community College; B.S. Biology, B.A. History & M.A. History from University of Houston
Profession: Owner-Operator of Blackwell Communications LLC, a mobile and online provider of classic and cutting-edge marketing, communications, PR, and research services for non-profit organizations and scientific/technical/health care enterprises
How I got involved with AAUW: In 2006 I sought a local volunteer opportunity to advance gender equity. After reviewing the AAUW national website, I fell in love with the AAUW's mission to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. Living in Lakewood at the time, I joined that branch and eventually held several offices. Upon moving to Castle Rock, I joined the Douglas County branch and again held several offices. Now my branch home is the Colorado eNetwork, where the online programming helps tremendously with my work-life balance issues. My state-level service with AAUW Colorado began the first year of my AAUW membership, when the state president asked me to join the state public policy committee. Since then I've served two terms as public policy co-director and am currently the volunteer lobby corps coordinator, the Facebook admin, and a state website admin. My national AAUW service started in 2009 when AAUW staff recruited me for the inaugural AAUW Leadership Corps. In 2011 I was appointed to the AAUW Board of Directors, then elected in 2013 for my second term. Because my board peers voted me onto the AAUW board executive committee last summer, I am now also a director of the AAUW Action Fund. Little did I know that my AAUW membership would provide me with amazing leadership development opportunities in addition to advancing the cause of gender equity!
Best advice for university women: Challenge yourself and take advantage of growth opportunities outside your comfort zone. Instead of waiting for someone to ask you, seek out opportunities. Learn to say "Sure, why not!" rather than turning down an offer because you lack skills, experience, or confidence. You can always learn along the way. And don't be afraid of failure. You'd have never learned to walk without falling down a bunch of times!
Hobbies/volunteer work: I carve a lot of time out of my busy work schedule to do pro bono marketing for AAUW Colorado and The Women's Crisis and Family Outreach Center, my local domestic violence agency. I am also a certified $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop facilitator and teach college women how to benchmark and negotiate fair compensation for their first jobs after graduation.As for hobbies I'm a New York Times crossword addict, I work out an elliptical machine nearly every day, I read voluminously (literary fiction, the journal Science, and various foreign and economic policy journals), I write prose and poetry when I can, I paint surreal political landscapes in acrylics, I watch foreign films, I undertake citizen science projects, and I hike and snowshoe in the mountains.
One of my favorite quotes (too many to list): "Success is 99% failure." -- Henry Ford

AAUW in Colorado Updates
January 11, 10:00-11:15 a.m.: AAUW Boulder and the CU Boulder Women’s Resource Center will co-sponsor a panel discussion
Factors That Continue to Discourage Girls and Women from Entering STEM Careers.
We are fortunate to have expert panelists from the CU faculty. We want to encourage ALL of you and your members to attend AND to bring your friends.
The panel discussion will be held in Room 199 of the Hellems Arts and Science Building on the CU campus. Hellems Arts and Science Building is just north and west of the University Memorial Center (UMC); it is adjacent to the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theater; and directly behind the CU Museum of Natural History in the Henderson Building. Parking is available in front of the Museum (Lot 208); at a lot at 13th and Pennsylvania; or in the Euclid AutoPark  just east of the UMC. On weekends, there is a flat fee of $4.00 for parking on the CU campus. Also, the Skip RTD Bus stops on Broadway in front of the UMC.

AAUW National Updates
Check out Spotlight on STEM by visiting their website:: AAUW Mission: advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research:: 6th Annual AAUW Art Contest, National Museum of Women in the Arts founder Wilhelmina Holladay will award special recognition to one of the winners. Winning entries will be featured on AAUW note cards mailed to members this spring.