May 2013

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Summer Book Club

Kickoff May 15 with Brene Brown's Daring Greatly
Mark your calendar to join us online that night. See the log-in and more info at our new Books Blog.
Is there a great book on women and leadership for which you’d like to lead a discussion?? We’re looking for a few good reader leaders! If you’re willing to lead our discussion in one of these months, send your suggested title, why it’s perfect, and preferred chat medium to

We’re hosting four ‘chats’ total including our upcoming chat in May. Check out the sidebar for more information. The other chats will be in June, July and August and we are looking for leaders who’d like to propose a title and lead the conversation via Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts or Adobe Connect.

Ten Sites with a Focus on Women

  1. Feministe: One of the oldest feminist blogs covering a range of topics!
  2. Feministing: Check out the Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet. An online community and blog that uses a feminist perspective to highlight news.
  3. GetRaised: As described on Forbes Woman, “A seriously simple step-by-step guide to getting a pay bump that was created with women in mind. According to the site, 65% of women that have used it have, in fact, earned a raise. Average amount? About $6,700.”
  4. The Glass Hammer: An online community produced for women executives in financial services, law, technology and business.
  5. Hello Ladies: Identifies itself as “the intersection of feminism and life,” a source to discuss topics that matter to women.
  6. Catalyst: Catalyst is a nonprofit group with a mission to expand opportunities for women and business. Check out their blog, Catalyzing.
  7. Ms. Magazine: An extension of feminist publication Ms. Magazine, the website offers reporting of U.S. and international women’s matters.
  8. Women On Business: Described on the website as, “an award-winning online destination for the news and information women need to be successful in the business world from today’s thought leaders.”
  9. Women’s eNews: Calls itself, “an award-winning nonprofit news service covering issues of particular concern to women and providing women's perspectives on public policy.”
  10. Forbes Woman: A section of Forbes devoted to women and leadership. Check out the section titled, “Power Redifined.”
Information retrieved from a list in an articled titled, "Top 100 Websites for Women 2012.” By Caroline Howard.

Check out the websites and share your favorite on the AAUW Colorado e-Network Facebook page!

AAUW Colorado e-Network
Member Profile
Heidi Baker
Profession:  I run an organizational development consulting practice that helps non-profits and communities streamline processes to be more efficient and create more joy. I get to work with nice people!
How did you get involved with AAUW: Two years ago, I undertook discernment of personal philanthropic planning. Over a lifetime, even the average American contributes at total of $250,000 in time, goods, services and money—I wanted my gifts, including my volunteer time, to be focused on maximum impact in lifelong learning and self-reliance for women and girls. As the never-before-a-member/daughter-of-a-lifetime-member, I thought, why not check out AAUW?!

I did—and Branch Administrator Connie Paeglow had a great idea—why not pair me up with a DU professor who had also expressed interest in seeking new ways to engage more young women in AAUW? From our first meeting with state and national leaders about forming a new online-only branch, Jae McQueen and I have been of like mind: create an innovative and open online space that attracts the widest possible range of people interested in issues that impact women and girls, and break down barriers for  participation in the wonderful mission of AAUW.

Hobbies/Volunteer Work:  I have always loved reading (which I track on Goodreads), cooking, and old houses--the remodeling of which I support by enthusiastically providing sustenance for my more knowledgeable partner. Although I’ve switched my board service to organizations supporting women’s empowerment—such as WorkLife Partnership, providing in-house services at businesses—I still have a heart for my past national work with Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity. I am an AmeriCorps*VISTA alum, and am still very involved in service—especially in mentoring current service members transitioning to non-profit careers.

Best advice you have for university women: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Write thank-you notes. And read some every day.


Favorite Quote:  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
-Margaret Mead

AAUW National Updates

 We hope you all applied for national committees and task forces :: Occasionally, AAUW’s list of paid members is made available to carefully screened companies and organizations. A member who does not want to be included should contact Connect2AAUW at or 1-800-326-2289 ::  2013 National Convention, June 9–12 There will be many workshops on membership & retention! :: Don't forget to check out the AAUW blog :: Make your voice heard by voting on AAUW’s leadership, Public Policy Program, and bylaws. Vote online now through June 10. For more information, reference the voter guide in your Spring/Summer issue of Outlook magazine. You will also find an instructional video and FAQs online. E-mail with any further questions.

AAUW Fellowships Announced--Check out a few from Colorado:

American Fellowship
Adriana Raudzens Bailey
Career Development
Deborah Nicol, Aubree Sorensen
Sherry Stout, Alison Tudor
Selected Professions Fellowships
Melissa Guzman
International Fellowship
Eunice Kimani
Colorado Technical University
Tungalag Ulambayar
Community Action Grants
Edwards, CO
The Youth Foundation
Federal Heights, CO
The Pinnacle Charter School
Fort Collins, CO
Project Self-Sufficiency

*If you've read this far...maybe you can help us out virtually--we'd like to know more about these Fellows. Can you help us research their research subjects, websites  or contact info? We'd love to promote their work, and know there's a volunteer out there just as curious as we are! Let us know,