August 2015

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Women & Giving states it simply, "on average, women are more philanthropic than men."  Although this statement is powerful and simple, there is more to the story. The article on dispels myths about women and philanthropy, highlighting an assumption that many make of women needing to gain permission or borrow from their husbands to donate. This in fact is not the case, many women all over the country are giving in their names to organizations they would like to support. Michelle Lodge, author of the article "Dispelling myths about women and charitable giving" highlights differences in client's motivation to give noticed by Nancy Heiser, VP of Wealth Management at UBS, women often giving to help others and men for the tax advantage. Overall women continue to increase their wealth and are making an impact by giving back to their communities, organizations, and passions contributing to the lives and well-being of many!  

In Colorado, several organizations promote women's philanthropy. AAUW Colorado partners with one, the Women's Foundation through the Women's Collaborative for Colorado. Read more about the Foundation's work at

AAUW Quote of the Month
“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
-Mother Teresa

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