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Hello everybody, it's Wednesday and we did it!

📓 Lil' Note

Weekly 2.0

Before jumping into what's new, let me explain Weekly for the ones in the back.

My name is Franco, I'm a videographer/designer from Argentina. Two years ago I decided to get involved in gaming and esports. I was living in Barcelona when Fnatic hired me to join their team in London back in 2018.

Worked with them for a year and moved back to Barcelona to keep doing video projects for both sports and esports + to create a company with my best friends from Argentina which consisted in a series of newsletters across different industries.

One of the newsletters was

After a year of working together, we realized that our main interests were located in different countries. My dream always was the United States. I decided to come to the US to do an MBA and keep working on videography. The aim is to get hired by a US sports/esports company after I finish the studies. I'm currently living in Kansas.

As the only one from the group interested in gaming, I assumed Weekly's ownership and have been working on it on my own since November 2019.

What's the vision?

At the moment, Weekly is a hobby. One that takes me a lot of time because I'm extremely passionate about creating content that properly represents how far the gaming industry has come.

My main idea with Weekly is to push the boundaries of editorial spaces.

I'm not a journalist, but I know how to use aesthetics and curation to tell stories. Yes, we'll talk about news here and there, but that's not the focus.

If you're looking for journalism, this isn't your place. If you're looking for curation and content brainfuck, welcome home.

The new website

Everything is still for free. I want to wait more time before rushing into paywalls.  

For now, the best way you can help me is to share the newsletter, website, originals or beer talks on social media.

If you ever felt that Weekly gave you something valuable, sharing it on social media will help more than you can imagine. The influential people interacting with Weekly can give a huge help to improve the content just by sharing it. 



The homepage is all about Weekly's main focus: the newsletter. The most important feature here is the Beer Talk section. From now on, all of them will be extracted from the emails and placed into the website. Easier to read, easier to share.

You'll continue to receive the newsletter on Fridays.
We go back to normal next week, September 4th.


The idea behind Weekly Originals was to have article-series just like Netflix does with film. Pretty much to showcase gaming content in unique and interactive ways. 

I have several projects cookin', but for now only two of them have been released.

The Updatables / Simplifying Chronological Mess. 

Part 1: Streaming Wars.


The Collab / Home of the Gaming Crossover

Part 1: Team Liquid x Marvel

Such a pleasure to parter with one of the most important esports teams in the world for this one. The Collab is interesting because each post will be very different from the other.


Go play around:

I really hope you enjoy it. Don't hesitate to reach out with any type of feedback, positive or negative, everything is welcomed in order to improve.

We're going back to normal next week, see you soon.

Love ya'


Thanks for reading!

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