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 🔥 Good Stuff


The Gamer Gap

The gaming community is helping against racism by donating and using social media, but it isn't enough to understand the true problem behind it.

Up until a couple years ago, gaming was a complete outcast, making most of us empathetic with the experience of being overlooked, represented on how vocal our industry is when supporting minorities. However, is way different to be discriminated by the activity that we do, compared to who we are.

Even though we support, why do we still have a very small amount of black pro players, creators and owners? Because of history.

My uneducated ass went on a research journey and since I know people's spam attention is on the ground right now, let me give you The Gamer Gap in 5 minutes

🎯 A sip of facts

In 2016, the Urban Institute released a report stating that:

Medium White Household Wealth:

Saving + Assets - Debts = $171.000

Medium Black Household Wealth:

Saving + Assets - Debts = $17.600

The crazy part is that the gap keeps growing. But, why?

  • In 1865, the Civil War was ending. When the black community was asked, how can we improve the situation? They said — we need land to live freely. In response, Lincoln signed a bill to proceed with the plan, but with the little detail of separating them into white areas and black areas.


  • Same year, Lincoln gets killed and Johnson assumes as president. Black land-owners get evicted by the new president's brilliant realization of "what about white rights and white discrimination?".

I'm sorry mother f^cker... did you had a 240 year concussion and forgot about black people slaved to create wealth for white people?

💸 Welcome to the wealth gap

Wealth grows through generations, it takes times, but it does.

If my math isn't wrong:

White Grandparent w/money + White Parent w/money + White Son/Daughter =
White Son/Daughter w/money.

But what is money though? Where does it come from?

The common element in history of acquiring wealth is property. For the Medium Household Family, property represents 2/3 of their wealth.

People take for granted the power of getting a house by your grandparents, that now is 10x its value + in a neighbourhood with opportunities and people with the same advantages as you. This shit is huge right here.

The Great Depression in 1930s f^cked most people in the US. So the government came up with mortgage loans for affected families. But they didn't provide these to "areas of risk".

How was risk calculated? By race, literally.

❌ Redlining

Now we have a country with painted states diving areas not only by skin color but also by the difference of opportunities and perks between them.
Racist Marketing Campaing of the Week:

Media targeted the very small % of black families with enough wealth to get into white neighbourhoods, by creating propaganda around the concept of "black families will decrease the value of other houses in the area".

Which lead to:
  • Real state agencies not selling houses in white areas to black people.
  • Racists neighbours being more aggressive.
  • Anti-racists neighbours turning into soft-racists.

📚 Education

Now that is evident why white people are getting more access to education than black people, let's run the example of both white and black students reaching the same level of education.

The big fat fact here is that during life after college, most white graduates see an immediate increase of wealth while most black people see a decrease of it.


Why do you think that in every interview with a successful black person the first thing we hear is — "I was the first to graduate from my family".

Because it's a f^cking reality and a huge accomplishment given the circumstances they had to go through. Their wealth goes down because they are the ones who need to take care of their entire families. Relatives ask for help, graduates respond. It's something craved in black peoples personalities from the get-go.

Get a degree = help my family

If we still need a bit more reassurance on why education is different?

Schools get funded by property taxes, and since black areas had been f^cked by the system for years, all these schools are badly funded. Which results in crowded classes, less resources, less qualified and interested teachers, no tutors, less extra-curricular activities. White areas schools have the exact opposite reality.

💨 The Gamer Gap

Like any other industry, gaming also has a lack of black representatives. On top of every responsibility we all have, black youth needs to also fight against the two biggest wealth determinants, property and education.

Years of slavery, exclusion laws and current discrimination made a snowball effect on black people's wealth today, so don't give me that "slavery is something from the past" bullshit.

Systemic racism is a generational problem, that's why is so hard to solve.

(Approx.) Number of black pro players in main leagues:
  • LCS: 3
  • LEC:
  • Call of Duty League: 6
  • Overwatch League: 1

✔️ Solution

There isn't A solution, but there is a problem. At least contribute with the process. 
  • If you're an esports coach or team, I understand it's a numeric scenario with more white people playing games because of everything we said before. However, how many successful sports teams stories of coaches giving opportunities to black people for the first time do you need? Because there're a lot. Right now, you're missing the chance of being the first coach to tap into unprecedented pro gaming skills, and show the industry that these aren't just minority skills, these are people's skills. Get your scouts and analysts to work.
  • If you're a business owner or somebody with influence, there're enough talented black designers, editors, writers, lawyers, analysts, marketers, waiting for their time. Re-think your company recruiting system. 

The truth is that I don't have enough resources to help people in ways team and company owners can, yet. But for now, if you read this and thought... damn Franco I'm stuck in systemic racism, my email and DM's are open for you and I can help mainly in two ways: 
  • Introducing you to people from the industry.
  • Promoting your work for free if you're involved with photo/video/design/writing.

If we want to see equal opportunity and true diversity in pro gaming, then let's do it with concrete actions. You won't change the system, forget about the system. This issue is global, it will take time. Focus in what you can do around your circle first.
League of Legends Drops

  • Available only on for LCS and LEC.
  • Fans actively viewing will be rewarded with in-game goods.
  • Also, outside League of Legends rewards.
  • Summer split begins on June 12, and Drops starts the third week of it. 
👍 Pros

It's disruptive, since sports can't fully approach the brand-viewer relationship this way. There're limitless opportunities to bring any type of brand to partner with Riot and create reward-campaigns both in and out of the game. Also, they force a big amount of Twitch viewership to the publisher page itself. The ball is on Twitch's side now, if they're truly interested in esports. Riot continues to surprise us every week.

🤔 Cons

This is such an individualistic way of experiencing a league. I know everybody is used to watch games together through discord but I'm a firm believer of getting in to the same physical spot with friends to watch and support a team, so there's in-person trash talk and chanting, which fuels team loyalty as an actual thing. This initiative won't serve that purpose since fans will want to win stuff and a single TV or laptop for everyone in a room is going to give rewards to an individual, not the group. So, people will keep watching games alone.

Riot needs to be smart with the "actively viewing" aspect of it. Because for now, let's address the enormous f^cking elephant in the room, people are letting run on one screen and actually watching the game on Twitch.

 🔍 What else is there?

🤑  Say again, how many dollars?. Zynga acquires Peak Games fro $1.8B.

🔦  Spotlight. / Valorant's launch brought a great amount of new projects, companies and ideas around it. My favourite so far? Operator. A site that gives you the option to watch Valorant (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer and Facebook) streams nicely filtered by Agents, Maps and Ranks. Pretty dope not gonna lie.

🛡  Rocket League Future. Psyonix puts $300K toward grassroots events.

📺  Let's watch... coding? The incredible thing about Twitch awareness in the last couple of months is that people not only want to watch others play games but also do activities within the gaming world like coding, designing or illustrating. My personal favorite is to watch SesoHQ, 100Thieves' designer, getting some good shit done on a canvas while I edit videos or write Weekly.

🖲  Small screen. Sega is releasing a Game Gear Micro. Emm...thats a stretch.

🙌  Thanks, legend. Uzi, one of the best players to ever do it in League of Legends retired. The first esports pro player represented by Nike.

 💰 Investments & Partnerships

Lamborghini is getting into esports: The Real Race


  • Guinevere Capital partners with Cloud9.
  • Nodwin Gaming and Airtel take esports in India to the next level.
  • Evil Geniuses signs deal with LG Ultragear.
  • Hitmarker partners with 1000 Dreams Fund to help women enter esports.
  • Gfinity and Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management to launch tournament.
  • Giants Gaming acquires x6tence.
  • NSE partners with Barclays.
  • Atlanta FaZe partners with Scuf Gaming.
  • Softgiving join forces with Method and Misfits Gaming.

📈 Stats

Top 10 Twitch Categories: May

Nintendo sold 4.2M Switch consoles in March alone


💎 Gem of the Week

The Evolution of FaZe Clan: 10 Years

 🗓 Upcoming Events

EVO Registration / June 5-28
LPL Summer Split / June 6
Dreamhack Masters Spring Playoffs / June 8-14
LCS and LEC Summer Split / June 12
BLAST Premiere: Spring Finals / June 15-21
LCK Summer Split / June 17

❌ CDL Minnesote Rokkr Home Series: posponed / June 12-14
❌ Fortnite Season 3: posponed / June 17

These are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Director, Head of Esports and Gaming — Verizon
🇺🇸 New York, USA

Esports Manager — Ubisoft
🇰🇷 Seoul, South Korea

Community LeadTespa, Blizzard Entertainment
🇺🇸 Remote, USA
Product Marketing Manager  NGE
🇺🇸 Burbank, USA

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