Back on the first Thursday of the year fam, let's dive.
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🍺 Beer Talk

📚 BIZ101: Intro to Pokemon Cards
Guys... cards. Don't underestimate these lil fuckers. We all know how awkward the conversation goes when people ask us if we bought Bitcoin or Ethereum years ago. So, let's address the Charizard in the room. Gary has been telling us about this for years, content creators are boosting the prices and 2020 helped it explode. What will be the next type of cards to go crazy?
  • Flawless Charizard card expected to reach $350K.
  • Zion Williamson's NBA Rookie Card worth $750K.
  • The Rock University of Miami card sells for $14K.

🎬 A Hit is a Hit, Everywhere.
We've seen what The Queen's Gambit did to the Chess industry and, consequently, the gaming industry. Netflix's new hit Bridgerton is bigger, holding the fifth biggest debut in Netflix's history. Content is the main connector with culture, and culture dictates trends. Because of Bridgerton, I wouldn't be surprised to see vintage clothing brands collaborating with Animal Crossings, new successful game titles set on that era or Just Chatting shows on Twitch rating clothing, dancing or celebrities. 

👂 New Year, New Projects
The 2021 video game release calendar is up.

🍔 Fast Food Gamin' Spelling Bee
In 2019, traditional brands looked like a kid forced to compete in a spelling bee tournament by shitty delusional parents. in 2020, brands got a bit gaming savvy with their social content, but for 2021 they will go to the next level by learning the deep meme culture ways and behind the scene stories. Fans will resonate the most with the first ones to do it. McDonalds and KFC are up there.

🌎 2020 Rewind
🎧 Music Spotlight
A lot of people play Persona, it only makes sense to have their own Spotify playlist.

💻 We Got Ourselves A Film 
Kyle Newman is currently directing a movie about gaming and esports. The movie it's called 1UP and Elliot Page will be the main character. We truly need a good gaming movie that doesn't feel cringe, so... hoping for the best and touching several wooded objects.

🧠 Brainfuck of the Week
Among Us has 500M monthly users and four employees. It doesn't really matter if the game dies soon; they already are on to the next one. Game developer's hustle to create the next Fall Guys or Among Us is real. Titles' success timeline is more hectic and dynamic than ever before.

📖 Read of the Week
Xbox: The Oral History of an American Video Game Empire, by Dina Bass.

 🥶 Collabs

Pokemon x Gucci x North Face
Madden x SpongeBob
Roblox x Gucci

 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

💎 Gem of the Week


📈 Stats

😂 Fuckery Snack

What I would do to protesters if I were a Capitol policeman with the force:

The life of a gamer parent
Goes to bed early to get up at 6 am and play games before work.
2 year-old daughter at 2 am:

🗓 Upcoming Events

Jan 16 / Game On
Jan 26 / GamesBeat: Growth and the Metaverse by VentureBeat


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